Tucson Show Report 5 TGMS

26 February 2013

European miners frog Lamps
A group of very collectible European Miners' Frog Lamps on display in a cabinet with other mining artifacts belonging to Siegbert Zecha.

For the last of our reports from Tucson this year we have now moved on and set up our booth for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show (TGMS).

This is the largest of our displays and the whole team take a great deal of pride in making sure that our displays present our mineral specimens to their best for the customers and collectors that find their way to our booth. Even more effort goes into the set up than our previous events here in Tucson.

For many collectors this is the show to see. Housed in the Tucson Convention Centre the facilities for exhibition offered to dealers here are pretty much all that could be required.
But this show is not just for dealers wishing to sell. This is truly a “show”.

In addition to dealer booths, there are many well lit glass fronted show cabinets that collectors and dealers, as well as major educational establishments and museums alike can put together small modular displays, either from their own collections or collections assembled by clubs and societies world-wide.
The amount of effort that goes into each of these individual displays is, year on year outstanding and the quality of the mineral specimens in each continues to surprise us all.
Throughout the four day event there is also the option to have a break from looking at all these exhibits and sit quietly listening to speakers giving talks on a variety of topics.
All in all the TGMS is a remarkably well run and well-presented event with a variety of options for all who attend.
This year the show topic is “Fluorite” and, perhaps not surprisingly, this has turned out to be a fairly colourful event as a result.
Here, starting with a little about the set-up of our booth and some of the minerals we have to offer, is a taste of just some of the TGMS experience. 

TGMS loading bay
This is how it all begins for the Crystal Classics/Kristalle team - Our trucks are reversed to a loading bay and the cabinets and equipment for the displays all have to be unloaded and transported by trolley to the booth in the centre of the exhibition hall.

Empty Hall TGMS
View of the exhibitor display show cases before they are filled with the exhibits.

The Arena, TGMS
The Concert Arena with more booths, at the early stages of assembly.

Crystal Classics, Kristalle Booth TGMS
At the Crystal Classics/Kristalle booth, the cabinets are in Place.

Crystal Classics, Kristalle Booth TGMS
The specimens are being allocated positions in the cabinets.

Crystal Classics, Kristalle Booth TGMS
Members of the team deciding where each specimen should be placed.

Mike Rumsey
Mike Rumsey of the British Museum of Natural History,
caught borrowing some of our mineral stands.

Dona Leicht, Crystal Classics, Kristalle Booth
Dona Leicht taking care to find the right place for each specimen.

Robin  Hansen and Liz Hacker TGMS
Robin Hansen and Liz Hacker looking to see if they can improve part of the display.

mexican lunch TGMS
A well earned Mexican lunch break for some of the crew.

crew TGMS
Some of the team towards the end of the day.
Left to right - Dave Whipp, Liz Hacker, Audrey Lloyd, Dave Hacker, Dave Lloyd and Robbie McCarty.

On the Thursday morning the show opened with queues of prospective collectors  eagerly looking forward to seeing the displays of Fluorite and embark on a thorough search for specimens for their collections.

customers, TGMS
Gradually the flow of collectors through the exhibition hall began to reach our booth.

Dona and Wayne TGMS
Dona and Wayne Leicht enjoying a light-hearted moment.

Ian Bruce and Diana  Schlegel TGMS
Ian Bruce and Diana Schlegel relaxing .... for a moment.

Kristalle and Crystal Classics were able to show more of the Gilles Emringer collection as well as a wide range of other fine world wide specimens.
Here is a closer look at our cabinets and some of the specimens we had to offer at the TGMS.

Showcase TGMS
This case we devoted to specimens of Quartz from crystallised Rose Quartz specimens from Brazil to "Gwindel" Quartz specimens from the Swiss Alps and Mont Blanc areas of France.
A dream for Quartz collectors.

Cabinet TGMS
A variety of world wide specimens from locations as far afield as Sicily to Tsumeb, Namibia.

Here is a selection of individual specimens which we had on display. Some have been sold, others have not. If there are any here that you might be interested in please do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you if the specimen is still available.

Opal, Australia
Opal, Queensland, Australia.

Quartz crystal cluster from La Gardette Mine, Bourg d'Oisans, Isère, Rhône-Alpes, France, with a slight smoky tint.

Siderite, Quartz France
Siderite with needle Quartz from Saint-Pierre-de-Mésage, Vizille, Isère, Rhône-Alpes, France.

Aragonite from Ste Marie-aux-Mines, Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France.
Reminiscent of the "Flos-Ferri" "specimens from Styrian Erzberg, Eisenerz, Styria, Austria.

Aragonite close up
Close up of the above Aragonite.

Azurite, Chessy
Rich cluster of Azurite from Christiana Mine, Kamariza Mines, Agios Konstantinos, Lavrion District, Attica, Greece.

quartz, Japan Twin
Smoky Quartz "Japan Twin" from Lincoln County, New Mexico, USA.

Quartz, Brandberg, Namibia
"Sceptered" smoky and amethystine Quartz crystal, perched on matrix with a little Calcite in association, from the Goboboseb Mountains, Brandberg Area, Erongo Region, Namibia.

A near water clear, colourless "Gwindel" Quartz
from Glacier des Grands, Le Trient Valley, Valais, Switzerland.

Rose Quartz, Brazil
A "skirt" of Rose Quartz crystals wrapped around a colourless Quartz crystal
from Taquaral, Itinga, Jequitinhonha valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Quartz window, Switzerland
Another specimen of Quartz from Switzerland. "Window" Quartz from
Torrent de la Tille, Troistorrents, Illiez Valley, Valais, Switzerland.

Morganite, Brazil
Beryl, var. Morganite crystals from Brazil.

Fluorite, France
Fluorite, bright yellow with a sharply defined skin of rich blue colour, in association with Quartz. from Valzergues, Decazeville, Aveyron, Midi-Pyrénées, France.

Fluoprite, France
Another similar but slightly smaller specimen from the same location in France.

Cuprite, Chessy, France
Cuprite on matrix with Azurite from Chessy-les-Mines, Le Bois d'Oingt, Rhône, Rhône-Alpes, France.

Cuprite, Chessy, France
Closer view of the above Cuprite crystal.

Fluorite, Quartz, Le Burc, France
Quartz on Fluorite again, this time a rich blue, Violet coloured composite cube
from Le Burc Mine, Tarn, Midi-Pyrénées, France.

Another smoky Quartz "Gwindel" crystal aggregate this time from
Mont Blanc Massif, Chamonix, Haute-Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France.

quartz Phantom, Isere, France
Cluster of water clear Quartz crystals with a phantom of Chlorite developed about half way through the growth, from Les Deux Alpes, Isère, Rhône-Alpes, France.

Goethite, Aveyron, France
A botryoidal Goethite group from
La Kaymar, Lunel, Aveyron, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Siderite, Isere, France
A very pretty and unusual group of buff coloured, strongly curved Siderite crystals in association with a little Quartz from La Mure, Isère, Rhône-Alpes, France.

Wurtzite, Tanzania
Wurtzite crystal from the Merelani Hills, Lelatema Mts, Arusha Region, Tanzania.

Cahnite, Franklin, New Jersey
A rarity; water clear Cahnite from The Franklin Mine, Franklin, New Jersey, USA.

Vesuvianite, Jeffrey Mine, Canada
Manganese rich Vesuvianite from the Jeffrey Quarry, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada.

Rhodochrosite, N'Chwaning
A near perfect  sphere of Rhodochrosite from
Hotazel, Kalahari manganese fields, Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

Proustite, Chanarcillo, Chile
Pencil point crystals of Proustite from the renowned deposits at Chañarcillo, Copiapó Province, Atacama Region, Chile.

Pyrargyrite, Zacatacas, Mexico
Well developed Pyrargyrite crystal group from
San Luis Mine, Mina Generale, Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico.

Fluorite, Illinois, USA
Yellow and purple coloured Fluorite crystal group from
Ozark-Mahoning #7 Mine, Hardin County, Illinois, USA.

Vesuvianite, Jeffrey Mine, Canada
Another Manganese rich Vesuvianite from the Jeffrey Quarry, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada.

Aquamarine, Erongo
Aquamarine crystal cluster from Erongo District, Namibia.

Calcite, Dal'Negorsk, Russia
Colourless Calcite crystal group from Dal'negorsk, Kavalerovo Mining District,
Primorskiy Kray, Far-Eastern Region, Russia.

Azurite, Bisbee, Arizona
Azurite crystal aggregate from Bisbee Mine, Cochise county, Arizina, USA

Autunite, Spokane, Washington
A bright yellow Autunite crystal cluster from
Mount Spokane, Spokane Co., Washington, USA.

Chondrodite, Magnetite, Tilly Foster Mine, USA
Chondrodite with Magnetite from the
Tilly Foster Iron Mine, Putnam Co., New York, USA.

Cuprite, Chrysocolla, Mashamba, Congo
Cuprite with Chrysocolla from the
Mashamba West Mine, Kolwezi District, Katanga Copper Crescent,
Democratic Republic of Congo.

Catapleite, Aegirine, Mont Saint Hilaire, Canada
Catapleite with Aegirine from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Rouville, Québec, Canada.

Koettigite, Mexico
Koettigite crystal sprays from Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.

Ludlamite, San Antonio Mine, Mexico
Dark green Ludlamite crystal aggregate from
San Antonio Mine, 14th Level, Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico.

More minerals later.

Ian Bruce, Wayne Leicht TGMS
Wayne and Ian......contemplating.

Friday at the TGMS is childrens day. School buses from Arizona and beyond arrive with children keen to visit the show. Guided by their tutors many have projects to complete and all seem keen to lap up the world of minerals and gemstones.

Kids at TGMS
School children eagerly waiting for their geodes to be cracked open to reveal for the first time what no one could have seen previously. 
Will they be lined with crystals?

Kids at TGMS
A group of school children being instructed by their tutor before dispersing to look at the exhibits.

harold and Erica van pelt TGMA
Renowned mineral and gemstone photographers Erika and Harold Van Pelt with Dona and Wayne.

Audrey and David Lloyd TGMS
Audrey and Dave Lloyd enjoying the show.

snacks TGMS
A feast of snacks for the staff at the end of the first day.

snacks TGMS
All eagerly tucking in!

Lois Nelson and Robin Hanson TGMS
Lois Nelson with Robin Hansen.

As previously mentioned there are many exhibits and displays to be seen at the TGMS show.
Here are a few of the cabinet displays that were on show with some of the exquisite mineral specimens.

Al and Sue Liebetrau show case fluorites T^GMS
The first is a show case put together by Al and Sue Liebetrau. A range of colourful Fluorite specimens from around the world.

Al and Sue Liebetrau show case fluorites TGMS
A closer look at some of those Fluorite specimens in Al and Sue's cabinet.

BM(NH) showcase TGMS
The British Museum (Natural History) Mineralalogy Dept. had a showcase of fine British specimens of Fluorite and Fluorite associated items.

Fluorite, BM(NH) TGMS
One of the specimens in the British Museum show case
- A fine Fluorite from the Caradon Mines district of Cornwall, England.

Siderite after Fluorite, Virtuous Lady mine, BM(NH) TGMS
Another specimen of note in the British Museum show case
- a classic Siderite Epimorph after Fluorite
from the Virtuous Lady Mine, Tavistock, Devon, England.

Wayne and Dona Leicht had gone to a great deal of trouble to bring along the best of their personal collection for a display this year. This comprised a fabulous array of colourful mineral specimens from all parts of the world plus a display in a separate cabinet of their personal Native Element specimens, including Gold and Silver specimens:

Wayne and Dona's Case TGMS
Wayne, Dona and Lois carefully setting up the display case.

Wayne and Dona's collection TGMS
One of the showcases completed.

A closer look at some of the brightly coloured specimens in Wayne and Dona's collection:

An assortment of bright orange Wulfenite specimens from various locations.

azurite TGMS
Richly coloured blue and green specimens of Azurite and Malachite all cut and polished to show the colours and patterns.

Wayne and Dona's collection TGMS
The Native Elements Cabinet of Wayne and Dona Leicht's Collection.

Wayne, Dona Leicht collection TGMS
Dona and Wayne in front of their completed show case.

Camborne Showcase TGMS
With the help of Ed Loye it was nice to see for the first time a showcase put on by The camborne School of Mines in Cornwall England.

Closely affiliated with the University of Exeter, the display showed some Classic British specimens. Here are just a couple.

Blue John Camborne school of Mines, TGMS

Gold, Camborne TGMS
Rare British Gold Specimens from the Camborne School of Mines Museum.

Jim Robison, Colourful Carbonates TGMS
Jim Robison put  together this amazing display of "Colourful Carbonates" from variuos parts of the world.

Jim Robison, Colourful Carbonates TGMS
A closer look to show just how colourful these specimens are.

Jim Robison, Colourful Carbonates TGMS
Some of the Rhodochrosites in Jim Robison's show case together with a rather fine Cobaltoan Calcite from the Mashamba West Mine, Kolwezi District, Katanga, Dem. Rep. of Congo. (Bottom Left).

Death to galena TGMS
This amusing display was just labelled "Death to Galena"

Death to galena TGMS
Another breath-taking display of colour.

Fluorite, Calcite, Tennessee TGMS
A display of Fluorite and calcite specimens from Tennessee.

Fluorite, Calcite, Tennessee TGMS
Two specimens depicted above a little closer.

Fluorite, Calcite, Tennessee TGMS
Scalenohedral Calcite with purple Fluorite from Elmwood, Tennessee.

Fluorite, Calcite, Tennessee TGMS
Water colour of a Fluorite with Sphalerite from Tennessee,
with the actual specimen along side.

Fluorite, China TGMS
A selection of fine Fluorite specimens from China.

Fluorite, China TGMS
More Fluorite specimens from various locations in China.

Fluorite, China TGMS

Our good friends Dave and Liz Hacker brought (at some risk) from the UK a fine collection of carved Blue John items. Blue john is a variety of blue, yellow and purple banded fluorite only known from the Castleton district of Derbyshire in the UK. The material is particularly fragile and carvings of this material are highly prized by collectors:

Dave and Elizabeth Hacker, Blue John TGMS
Dave and Liz  hacker with their private collection of Blue John artifacts.

Dave and Elizabeth Hacker, Blue John TGMS
A closer look at some of these exquisite carved Blue John items.

Dave and Elizabeth Hacker, Blue John TGMS
Detail of the banding in one of the Goblets.

Dave and Elizabeth Hacker, Blue John TGMS
A piece of the natural Blue John as found in the mines in Derbyshire.

Jesse fisher Showcase TGMS
Jesse Fisher and Joan Kureczka brought along a group of Fluorite specimens from the Northern Pennines Orefield in the UK. Again these specimens showed the astonishing diversity of colour provided by this mineral species.

Jesse also brought the largest recorded specimen of Fluorite from the Rogerley Mine which he, Cal Graeber, Ian Jones and other members of the UK Mining Ventures team extracted in July of 2012.

Jesse fisher Showcase TGMS
"The Weardale Giant"

Jesse fisher Showcase TGMS
Detail of the largest of the Fluorite cubes on the "Weardale Giant"


National Museum of Scotland Fluorite TGMS
The National Museum of Scotland also had a group of Fluorite specimens from their collection on display.

National Museum of Scotland Fluorite TGMS
A closer look at some of the specimens in the National Museum of Scotland's show case. The specimen on the left is from the renowned Hilton Mine, Scoredale Cumbria, England.

Royal Ontario Museum Fluorite TGMS
A selection of interesting Fluorite specimens put on Display by
The Royal Ontario Museum.

Royal Ontario Museum Fluorite TGMS
Unusual Fluorite from the Rock Candy Mine, Grand Forks, Greenwood Mining Division, British Columbia, Canada.

pectolite, Larimar, Dominican Rep. TGMS
A collection of pieces of Pectolite (var. Larimar)
from Sierra de Baoruco, Barahona Province, Dominican Republic,
put together by Siber collection AG of Switzerland.

A closer view of one of the"Larimar" nodules showing the structure and the pale turquoise colouring.

Steve Maslansky Fluorites TGMS
Collector and good friend of Crystal Classics/ Kristalle Steve Maslansky, had this great display of Fluorite specimens to show us.

Steve Maslansky Fluorites TGMS
The centre piece of Steve's display, this Fluorite from Rotherhope Fell, Cumbria, England is encrusted with tiny Quartz crystals.

Australia's "Zebra Stone" is a compact siliceous claystone. Here, carved into a number of ornaments and figures, this display was compiled by the University of Wollongong. All the specimens are from the Marty Zinn collection.

Tana Daugherthy with Audrey LLoyd TGMS
Tana with Audrey dressed for the occasion - Valentines Day, of course.

Here are some more of the spectacular museum grade specimens that were on display. First, in keeping with the theme of this years show, a few more Fluorite specimens:

A superb colour zoned and quite gemmy Fluorite from Illinois, USA.

Fluorite, Illinois
Another clearly colour zoned crystal from
Minerva Mine, Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, USA

Fluorite, Calcite
Another Fluorite from Illinois, this time associated with scalenohedral Calcites.

Purple Fluorite cubes on matrix from Tennessee.

A particularly clear double terminated Calcite crystal from Tennessee.

Rhodochrosite with quartz, sweet home mine
A large Rhodochrosite rhomb on matrix with clusters of needle Quartz crystals
from the Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado, USA.

Rose quartz crystals, Brazil
A large specimen of Rose Quartz Crystals from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Wayne and Dona Leicht TGMS
Dona and Wayne Leicht at the presentation evening.

Well, as normal we try to bring you as much as we can from each of the shows at Tucson, but this is about as much as we can offer for the TGMS this year.
Here's hoping that these shows will bring as much variety next year as they have this time around.
Next year we will endeavour to cover as many aspects again of each of the shows. It seems the dealers and collectors have a lot to live up to, to follow on from this year.
See you all in 2014.

Author: Dave Whipp
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