Tucson Party - 1950s

26 February 2013

Every year Kristalle and Crystal Classics hold THE party of Tucson. And each year Dona somehow manages to out do the previous year with fabulous themed decorations, music, and food, and of course the best part is the guests who get into the party atmosphere and also arrive in costume!!

The party for 2013 was set in the 1950s, poodle skirts, rockabilly, soda fountains and milkshakes, burgers and hot dogs......

The Kristalle and Crystal Classics Diner

James Dean welcomes everyone to the dance floor of the diner.

The Soda Bar - serving classic sodas, adult milkshakes (yum!) and of course beer and wine.

Soda Fountain menu

Dona Rockets

The team love to get into the theme with fancy dress

Dona Leicht
Dona Leicht (photo courtesy Mark Mauthner)

Wayne Leicht
Wayne Leicht with James Dean

Ian Bruce and Diana Schlegel
Ian Bruce and Diana Schlegel aka Marilyn Monroe welcome the guests

Marilyn and Marilyn

Audrey and David Lloyd
Audrey and David Lloyd

Dona and Lois Nelson (photo courtesy of Jolyon Ralph)

Roberta McCarty, Diana Schlegel, Ian Bruce, Audrey Lloyd
Robbie McCarty, Diana Schlegel, Ian Bruce and Audrey

Liz and David Hacker
Liz and David Hacker

Audrey Lloyd, Wayne Leicht and Tana Daughtery
Wayne with Audrey and Tana Daughtery

Audrey Lloyd, Diana Schlegel, Robin Hansen
Audrey, Diana Schlegel and Robin Hansen

Dave Whipp, Dave Lloyd and German dealer Günther Hoppe

The Girls with Ian
The girls with Ian Bruce

The food was once again created for us by award winning chef Albert Hall from Acacia. This year we delighted in Kobe beef Hamburgers, Kobe Beef Hot Dogs, Fish and Chips, Truffled Fries, Moonpies and more....

Bob (you Californians will recognise him immediately)

Albert Hall (under the milkshake) and the wonderful staff from Acacia who looked after us, dressed for the party.

Dona tries out a milkshake

Ian Bruce and Marilyn
Ian welcomes the other Marilyn Monroe - Tomasz Praszkier of Spirifer Minerals

German Marilyn and Polish Marilyn (photo courtesy of Joylon Ralph)

The Harters and Dona Leicht
Paul Harter (TGMS show chairman) and his wife Marilyn with Dona

Jesse Fisher and Joan
Jesse Fisher and Joan Kureczka

Lois with Brice Gobin of Mineral Art, and Bryan Swoboda of BlueCap Productions

Ian Jones and Liz Hacker
Ian Jones and Liz

The Bode sisters of MineralienWelt magazine - Mareike and Kristina

Sharon Fitzgerald and Peter Leavens (photo courtesy of Mark Mauthner)

John Veevaert of Trinity Minerals with Jaye Smith formerly of The Rocksmiths. John is wearing his own letterman jacket!

Lois with Marshall and Charlotte Sussman

Terri Ottaway of GIA, McKenzie Santimer of GIA, Katherine Dunnell of the Royal Ontario Museum, Jorgen Langhof of the Swedish Natural History Museum, and Alan Hart of the Natural History Museum, London

Alan Hart and Mike Rumsey of the Natural History Museum, London

Jolyon and Katya Ralph of www.mindat.org and www.gemdat.org

Ian Jones
Ian Jones

Paul Melville, Malcolm and Angela Southwood
Australian collector/dealer Paul Melville, and Aussie-based collectors Malcolm and Angela Southwood

Dick Hauck, "Boots" and Barbara Cureton, and Elna Hauck

Francis Flynn
Francis Flynn

Rob Sielecki and Andy
Rob Sielecki of Ausrox and Andy of Siber + Siber

Allen Arnold and Olga
Australian dealer Allen Arnold and his wife Olga looking resplendent in 1950s outfits

Jerry Rosenthal with John Veevaert and Dave Bunk of Dave Bunk Minerals

Ian Bruce and Christoph Keilmann
Ian with Christoph Keilmann (organiser of the Munich show Mineralientage)

Ian Bruce and Chris Keilmann
No, my hair is bigger!

Lois Nelson
Cheerleader Lois shows off her Hula Hooping skills

Rob Sielecki
Rob Sielecki tries his talents at the Hula Hoop

Robin Hansen with Penny Williamson
Robin with Penny Williamson of Wollongong University, Australia - Robin displaying her chocolate flavoured soda - yum!

Kirby Siber
Kirby Siber of Siber + Siber, Switzerland with definitely the best suit of the night.

Justin and Brandy of the Vug
Dona with Justin and Brandy of The Vug.

Yue Tutt, David Hacker, Mayor of St. Marie Claude Abel, Liz Hacker, Christian Egeler

Dona and Wayne Leicht with Kirby Siber
Kirby Siber with Dona and Wayne

Mareike Bode and Tobias Weise
Germans Mareike Bode (of MineralienWelt Magazine) and Tobias Weise (of Lapis Magazine)

Lois with Steve Maslansky

Jaye and her husband Bill Lawrence and renowned mineral photographer Jeff Scovil

DJ Adonis had people grooving on the dance floor - lots of 50s hits, including of course.... 'Oh Donna' by Ritchie Valens

Getting down on the dance floor - Ian, Kirby, Dona and Wayne

photo courtesy Mark Mauthner

Dona Leicht
Dona struts her stuff

Chris, Kirby and Alan (photo courtesy of Mark Mauthner)

People lining up for the delicious food

Steve Maslansky
Steve Maslansky gives his thumbs up for the delicious Kobe beef hamburgers

Tana Daughtery
Tana advertises Coke

Doug Wallace and John Veevaert
Doug Wallace of Mineral Search with his grandson, and John Veevaert

Dick Thommsen of Dickthommsenite fame with Allen Arnold

Olga with Ludmilla Cheshko of Russian magazine Mineralogical Almanac

Joaquim Callen and Eloise of Spanish magazine MineralUp (photo courtesy Mark Mauthner)

Bill Pinch, Susan and Mark Feinglos (photo courtesy Mark Mauthner)

Fine Mineral Show organiser Dave Waisman and his wife Diane (photo courtsey Mark Mauthner)

Paul Melville and Armin Schoeler
Paul Melville with German dealer Armin Schöler of eShop-minerals

One of our favourite now-ex-Tucson police Jim Stoutmeyer, with Paul Melville's partner Tricia and smiley mineral dealer John Cornish

Jim Blees and John Lucking

Dona with Allen and Olga Arnold

Marie Huizing of Rocks and Minerals, Leila Scovil and Jamie Newman of the American Museum of Natural History (photo courtesy of Mark Mauthner)

Terry "Skip" Szenics with Fish and Chips (photo courtesy of Mark Mauthner)

Lancelyn Watters, Fred Wicks (retired from Royal Ontario Museum) and Terry Ottaway (photo courtesy of Mark Mauthner)

Al and Sue Liebetrau (photo courtesy of Mark Mauthner)

Agata Leszczuk, Dona and Mark Mauthner (photo courtesy of Mark Mauthner)

People enjoying the party

Audrey, Robbie and Tana snuggle up to German dealer Stephan Stolte

Dona Leicht with Jean-Claude Boulliard
Dona gives Jean-Claude Boulliard (of the Sorbonne, France) a Happy Birthday kiss

The outfit swapping commences - the two Marilyns and Grease's Danny

Dona in the Danny/John Travolta wig

Brice and Diana Schlegel

Dancing the night away....

A fantastic time was had by all thanks to Dona, Wayne and Ian, and the Kristalle and Crystal Classics Team; Albert Hall and his team, and of course all our friends. We look forward to next year's party....what will be the theme?

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