Crystal Classics arrived in Tucson!

26 January 2014

Cactus Tucson 2014

We finally arrived in Tucson!

On Wednesday night after the long journey from Somerset, England the first members of the Crystal Classics Team arrived in Tucson for the 2014 shows. Thursday was a time for us all to gather our thoughts. The minerals had not yet arrived and so before we could really get stuck in with unloading this year we decided a great night out on the town in one of our favourite local bars would be the order of the day...

The CrystalClassics Team
Not quite complete, the Crystal Classics team for Tucson 2014 includes:
(L to R) Miroslaw Posmyk, Peter Schlegel, Dave Whipp, Diana Schlegel and Ian Bruce.

It is early days in Tucson and although a lot of tents are up not many dealers have arrived yet at our first venue the Tucson City Centre Hotel.

Tucson City Centre Hotel

We will have our wholesale area in the Mission meeting room at the Hotel Tucson City Center open from Monday the 28th of January from 10am!

TCC Entrance
The entrance of the Hotel Tucson City Center, where we will have our wholesale location - The Mission Meeting Room.

map TCC

Saturday Morning (26th Jan) and the minerals finally arrived.

Truck with crates
The minerals also had a long journey via Los Angeles and arrived in this big truck - 12 crates in all.

When we loaded the crates in Somerset the sun was shining as it was when we started unloading in Tucson.

the first crate gets of the truck
The first crate gets lifted of the truck....

.... now that all 12 crates are of the truck we can start unpacking.

Dave and Pos unloading all the mineral boxes crate by crate. It looks as if Pos has a good handle with specimens.... louboutin schuhe.

...but the rookie has a mishap. Pos picks up this box and bam! The big Smokey Quartz crashes through the bottom of the box on to the concrete ground! But Pos is in luck the specimen is undamaged and we all have learnt a vital lesson. Don't put heavy specimens in weak plastic boxes!

Hey these things happen - a lucky escape for Pos.

Ian and Dave inspecting the crates and removing the lids respectively. The crates don't always get to their destination intact.

A view of Palm trees overlooking one of the dealer tents just outside the main entrance to the Hotel.

Orange trees and Dinosaurs on the lawns of the Hotel.

The outdoor swimming pool - we all would fancy a dip, but no time for that any time soon with all the work to come.

HTTC Tucson 2014
Night time over the grounds of the Hotel.

Cactus Tucson 2014
Cactus at Suenos

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Tomorrow the work really starts and we are all itching to get stuck in. Access to our "Mission" room will be available from around 10am and we will be setting up all our great wholesale minerals - some so good were not sure why we're wholesaling them!
So keep watching. In the coming reports we'll have images of the set up and some of the other dealers who are beginning to arrive as well as some of the great minerals we'll have on offer.

Author: Diana Schlegel
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