Changsha Mineral Show Report 1

13 May 2013

Mineral shipments have been made to Changsha prior to our departure but still you want to carry the very fragile specimens personally.  The fact that we go on to the Tokyo show from Changsha makes things a bit more ‘dicey’ so there is no getting around six checked bags and each of us with two carry-ons!  Mark, our driver for the trip to Los Angeles airport, was perplexed but eventually we managed to get everything loaded with Mark mumbling "should have brought the stretch limo”.

Lois Nelson with the Luggage
Lois waits with the luggage outside the shop

Trying to fit the luggage in the car

After an incredibly long journey into Shanghai we had a layover of four hours to wait for the flight to Changsha – near as I can tell you don’t have much choice of flights into Changsha.  Change those U.S. dollars into Yuan (about 6 RMB to $1) – better exchange if you use Euros.  Arriving into Changsha near midnight the first thing you notice are posters all over the airport and throughout the town advertising the show.  Nice to see one of our golds on the poster.

Lois changing money

Changsha show posters featuring an Eagle's Nest Gold Specimen that came through us.

We are staying at the hotel only five minutes walk from the convention center – a lovely setting in the middle of a bustling town that has builders working 24/7 to erect more and more high rise buildings.  Next to the hotel over a small hill is an amusement park called “Window of the World” – we can watch the bungee jumpers from our patio and the fireworks which go on throughout the day.

View from the hotel to the high rise buildings

Grounds of the hotel outside our rooms

View from our terrace - the hotel will provide fishing poles and bait if you wish to fish!

To call  the Hunan Convention Center large is an understatement – this place is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE…..probably could fit the Tucson Convention Center into it ten times and still have room.  We checked in with the show organizers and caught a brief glance at the beginnings of set-up on the first floor.  I lost count of how many people were working.  Our own booth construction begins on May 12.  Collectors Edge has by far the largest booth and it will be spectacular when completed.

Wayne spent a good part of Sunday morning with the local press giving interviews and posing for photos with some of the large gold specimens we will offer at the show.  These interviews will air on several of the local news stations.  He’s a rock star!!!

Wayne Leicht gives an interview showing a Gold specimen
Wayne gives an interview showing an Eagle's Nest Gold specimen

Lois Nelson shows an Eagles Nest gold specimen
Lois shows a Gold specimen

Wayne Leicht of Kristalle gives an interview
Wayne giving interviews

More reports to follow!

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