Changsha Mineral Show Report 2

14 May 2013

With a free day while the venue is still under construction we decided to see a bit of the town.  A hair-raising taxi ride is the norm....but first we have to stop for some ‘go’ juice - in this case liquid nitrogen - everybody out of the taxi while this is going on. 

Filling up the taxi with liquid nitrogen

Then onto Carrfours (the most complete store in town) for supplies with our trusty interpreter, Echo, who is a student at the university. 

Dona Leicht shopping in China
I love dragon fruit, especially at 65 cents a piece - they are $13 each in California!

Wayne Leicht shopping in China
Wayne and our interpreter Echo shopping

We headed to the walking street which is lined with some of the best shoe stores I’ve seen - Lois was the first to cave in and buy a stunning pair of heels for $12!!  It’s just fun to watch the steady stream of Chinese buying, selling, trading. 

Fruit stalls and balloons

The red berries are Chinese strawberries

The famous black chickens of China

Back at the convention center the workmen were all busy constructing some of the most elaborate booths I’ve seen.  I particularly like the one with the floor that lights up a stunning shade of blue.  When this is all put together I am certain it will make other show organizers around the world take note.

Building for the Opening Ceremony

Lois at the front entrance

Let the building begin

Love the floor

Not sure what they are building

This booth is huge!

We are very inexperienced about the details of how to make our ‘raw’ space come together and after several consultations with the booth designers we settled into a simple plan - not our usual fancy setup at Tucson but it will have to do until we get the hang of who does what. I did have to raise a fuss when they said they wanted to put plastic flowers in our booth - ain’t happening so I went online and ordered beautiful real arrangements.

Our booth coming together

We just found out we are one of three key note exhibitors!

The hotel dining is....well, hotel dining, so we opted to hit the street stalls and take our chances.  We found a delightful family and they chipped in to cook us a very interesting and good dinner - $13  for three of us including some cold beer. I think they had more fun than we did since we do seem to stand out in the crowd - I saw NO foreigners around while we were out and about. Here will give you best high quality designer louboutin schuhe online.

Dona Leicht with Mom and Pop
Dona with Mom and Pop

Mother and daughter cooking for us

Notice Wayne is sitting in an old baber chair, and Lois on a plastic stool.

But...I am surprised at those I’ve seen so far, including Jolyon Ralph from Mindat, Rob Sielecki from Australia, Bill and Will Larson from California, Tobias Weise from Lapis Magazine, numerous French and South African visitors, and Graham and Richard from Collectors Edge, Andrew Cody of Cody Opals in Australia.  A bit of a surprise:  the hotel does not have a bar so all of us having taken to gathering on the patio overlooking the lake every night and making our own ‘adult’ beverages - I think the staff knows we are here now - each morning I see more and more ‘western’ type food appearing and they know the lady in room 23308 likes ICE (bing in Chinese).

We had six shipments made to Changsha and of course that is not going smoothly - they are ‘somewhere’ in Changsha, just not at our booth!!!  Soo.o an entire day is being spent trying to track them down. Stay tuned for the saga of the shipments.

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