Denver Show 2013 - 2nd report

19 September 2013

Welcome back to our second show report. If we thought that after the bigstorm on Monday evrything would be back to normal, we were in for a surprise.
The weather and espacially the rain got worse. The sky opened and Colorado saw the heaviest rain falls since 50 years. Floods closed down roads and washed out entire cities such as Boulder.

Welcome to the second of our reports from the Denver Gem and Mineral Show 2013.

If we thought that after the big storms on Monday everything would be back to normal, we were in for further surprises.The weather and especially the rain got gradually worse. The sky's opened and Colorado has seen the heaviest rain falls recorded for more than 50 years. Floods closed down roads and washed out entire cities such as Boulder. Within one week this area of Colorado had as much rain as it normally has in a year...

Never the less, we had to continue the process of the show and at least for our journeys to and from the show the roads were not so badly affected.

On Wednesday night we went to Golden a few miles west from Denver city. The Colorado School of Mines is situated in this very pretty little town close to the mountains. Every year the CMS (Colorado School of Mines) organises an event in conjunction with the Mineral and Gem Show. As well as their own collection they have a special collector's display area. This year Saffaa and Richard Jackson had selected specimens from their collection to put on display.

Richard and Saffaa Jackson
Richard and Saffaa Jackson featured world wide minerals from their personal collection in a show case at the Colorado School of Mines.

Richard and Zaffaa Jackson
Martin Zinn, a well known collector and organizer of numerous mineral shows in the United States, also had some of his fine Tourmaline specimens on display.

Tormalines M. Zinn
Martin Zinn featured a selection of his Tourmaline's in this show case at the Colorado School of Mines.

Tormalines M. Zinn
A particularly beautiful pink coloured Tourmaline slice - also from Martin Zinn's private collection.

Allison Boetcher
A cabinet filled with Gold and Silver specimens from the Allison Boetcher collection, which also featured Gold jewellery and artifacts alongside.

Gem cabinet
One of my personal favourites at the Colorado School of Mines was this cabinet filled with faceted Gemstones and a beautiful Tiara - the Miss Colorado Crown has 613 stones consisting of Diamonds, Zircon, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Elbaite Tourmaline's, Peridot, Topaz, Citrine and Garnet. The crown was created by Molberg's House of Jewelry and is on loan from the Rocky Mountain Jewelers Association.

After this very enjoyable evening our team had an early start on Thursday morning. It was set up day for the Main Show at the Merchandise Mart. Thick grey clouds were hanging over us all day and the rain never seemed to stop.

Main Show set up
The set up on Thursday accompanied with overcast sky's and rain.

Luckily we were able to reverse our truck with all the show cases directly into the loading bayand we stayed mostly dry during the unloading process. After we had completed several journeys back and forth from the vehicle to the booth and all show cases and minerals were in our room, our team could make a start with the gradual process of putting the specimens into the cabinets.

CrystalClassics Show room
Show cases in position, we are almost ready to place the minerals.

Liz cleaning
...but first the cabinets had to be cleaned and Liz Hacker was on glass cleaning duty!

our cabinets
Displaying the specimens to best effect is perhaps one of the most time consuming processes and some say there's an art to it. After a long day we are finally ready and our cases are filled with all the fine minerals we had brought to the show.

Before we show you some of the great specimens we brought to the show ourselves, we thought we would like to feature some of the special exhibit cases from the Main show. This year's theme was Tourmaline and so there were many brightly coloured displays to look at.

The cabinet of the Harvard University Museum showed a mix of Tourmaline specimens and cut stones.

California Academy of Science
Very informative was this cabinet from the California Academy of Science asking: "What does it mean to be a Tourmaline?"

University of Wollongong
Impressive were these Tourmaline slices from Madagascar put on display by the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Maine Mineral and Gem Museum
One of my favorites was the display from the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum, which featured Newry Tourmaline. Amateur field collectors discovered a large quantity of gem Tourmaline in 1972 at the Dunton Mine in Newry, Maine. Featured in their case at Denver was a selection from that find together with cut stones and "watermelon" cross sections.

Jim and Gail Spann
The most amazing collectors cabinet was by far the one from Jim and Gail Spann from Rockwell Texas. The vast variety of Tourmalines from all over the world was astonishing.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum
The cabinet of the Sterling Hill Mining Museum was very interesting and showed collection sets dating as far back as 1830.

North Jaffco Gem and Mineral Club
Beautiful Tourmaline cut stones and crystals from the Himalaya Mine, San Diego County, California were on display in the cabinet from the North Jaffco Gem & Mineral Club.

Martin Zinn
Martin Zinn not only had a cabinet at the Colorado School of Mines - he also put on this magnificent display of his finest Tourmaline's at the Main Show. Some of the pieces were accompanied by drawings and featured on postcards. Others immortalised on front covers of collector magazines.

It was difficult to focus only on the special display cabinets at the Gem and Mineral Show in Denver, when so many of the dealers had such great specimens to offer. As is the norm, it is impossible to show you everything, so here are just a few of the highlights offered by some of these dealers.

Evan Jones from Unique Minerals had, as always, a fabulous display of Millpilas Azurite's in his room.

Unique Minerals
Not only were the Azurites from Milpillas Mine, Cuitaca, Sonora, Mexico fascinating, but also this complete set of polished Variscite slices from Clay Canyon, Fairfield, Utah County, Utah  - a real treat for the eyes.

Also in the Unique Minerals booth was this great Legrandite from the Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.

Stephanie and Robert Snyder from Stonetrust also had a great selection of world wide minerals on display.

Robert And Stephanie
Stephanie and Robert Snyder from Stonetrust.

Great honey yellow to amber coloured Calcites from the Elmwood Mine, Smith County, Tennessee in one of the Stonetrust show cases.

Now it is time to show you some of the goodies we had at the show.

Beryl var. Emerald from the La Pita Mine, Mun. de Maripi, BoyacĂ  Department, Colombia.

Garnt Jeffery Mine
One of many fine specimens of Grossular - Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada.

A great purple Fluorite with Siderite from a classic British locality - Allenheads Mine (Beaumont Mine), East Allendale, Northumberland, England, UK.

Chinese Bowl
Something different but no less popular was this Fluorite bowl from China.

Ian Bruce, Liz Hacker, Diana Schlegel
Ian Bruce, Liz Hacker and Diana Schlegel had good fun at the Denver show.

Rhodonite and Franklinie USA
Very eye-catching with its intense strawberry red colour was this Rhodonite with Franklinite from the Furnace Mine, Franklin Mining District, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA.

A fine specimen of Native Silver from the Uchucchacua Mine, Oyon LIma Department, Peru.

Last but not least we had an amazing new find of Gold specimens from Eldorado County. A young prospector searching for Gold with a metal detector over the last five years (not far from the Eagles Nest Mine) discovered these specimens and Wayne had the chance to acquire some of them, shortly before the Denver show. Discovered near Georgetown this Gold is found in the same formations as the Eagles Nest Gold specimens and has to date produced crystals up to 1" long.

Both specimens are found near Georgetown, Eldorado County and show flattened octahedral crystals.


This last picture in our show report for Denver 2013 is my absolute favorite. It features a Gold specimen from near Santa Liena, Venezuela.

The Snake from Venezuela
"The Snake" from Venezuela.

With these pictures we say goodby for now until our next show report from the Munich Show from the 25th to the 27th of October, in Germany. This year the Munich Show has its 50th jubilee and a special exhibit of Gold from the best private collections and Museums from all over the world.

Thank you from the Crystal Classics and Kristalle team.

Author: Diana Schlegel
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