Opening of the mim museum Beirut, Lebanon

8 October 2013

Long awaited and certainly the mineral event of the year will be the grand opening of the mim museum in Beirut, Lebanon. The opening will be held this weekend and will send shock waves through the mineral world.

The collection was built by Salim Edde and consists of more than 1400 minerals from 60 different countries. With both historic and more recent finds Salim Edde has collected privately for many years and established a collection second to none.

University Bulding Beirut

The University Saint - Joseph houses the mim museum in a purpose built basement. In sleek and very attractive display cabinets the mineral specimens are displayed.

Salim Edde (centre), Carole Atallah (one of the curators and collection manager) and Ian Bruce have a close look at one of many display cases.

Cerussite from Broken Hill, Australia.

show cases
The show cases were designed especially for the MIM Museum.

The vast variety and exceptional quality of the specimens he acquired over the past years are second to none. Ian Bruce and myself have had the chance to get a sneak preview earlier this year.  On a private tour through the Museum we discussed the fine tuning of the displays. Crystal Classics helped Salim Edde to purchase many of his world class specimens and we were happy to see them on display.


The specimens on display are world standard and of exceptional quality.

A fine example of Rhodocrosite from the Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, USA.

The vault holds the creme de la creme of the collection of Salim Edde.

This Gold specimen is one of many treasures that will be revealed to the world this weekend.

Ian Bruce and I are very excited to be invited to the opening and will report about the big night at the mim museum and provide you first hand with all the news.

Stay tuned.

Author: Diana Schlegel
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