The mim museum opening, Beirut, Lebanon

16 October 2013

On Saturday the 12th October 2013 it finally happened!

The mim museum in Beirut Lebanon is the most impressive mineral museum built to date and had it's opening ceremony this weekend. It was a breathtaking evening event. Salim Edde built his private mineral collection over the past 17 years and put together one of the most spectacular displays that the mineral world has ever seen.

Based on a Fluorite crystal this spectacular Model is the feature of the main entrance - picture courtesy of mim facebook.

Salim Edde is showing the President Michel Suleiman the mim museum. (pictures courtesy of mim museum)

This was a very important moment for the museum world and for Lebanon. The President and all regligious leaders attended the opening ceremony.

Ian Bruce and Diana Schlegel
Ian and I at the opening of the mim.

Ian and I enjoyed this evening very much and were really impressed with all the decoration of the buffet.

The buffet tables were decorated with giant crystal models.

The opening of the mim museum saw guest attending not only from Lebanon. Salim Edde and his team invited friends, mineral dealers, museum curators and mineral collectors from all over the world.

Wayne Leicht, Brice Gobin, Carol Attalah and Ian Bruce

Peter Lyckberg, Gene Meiran and myself at the opening.

Ian Bruce and Rachel
Raquel Alonso-Perez curator of Harvard Mineralogical and Geological Museum and Ian Bruce.

Eloise Gaillou from the LA County Museum, Laurent Thomas, Gilles Emringer and Diana Schlegel

Equipped with the newest gadgets the mim museum is a fully interactive museum. The visitors can access full information about the specimens on display and their localities via giant I-Pads.

A big screen and one of the giant I-Pad touch pads.

Ian and Brice in front of one of the display cases were amazed about the quality of minerals on display.

Peter Lyckberg, Tom Gressman, Wendell Wilson (from the Mineralogical Record) and Ian Bruce.

A state of the art display, perfect lighting and a second to none selection of specimens on display.

The minerals are displayed in the most beautiful way.

3 Gold specimens showing the diversity of this mineral species.

A fantastic Adamite specimen from Mexico.

two Baryte "ice cones" from France.

Crystallised native Bismuth from Germany.

A big specimens of strawberry red Rhodocrosite with Fluorite from the Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, USA.

A butterfly twin Calcite from England.

A gem clear Wulfenite crystal on Matrix from Arizona, USA.

Two Cerussite specimens from Broken Hill Australia.

Molybdenite from Kingsgate Australia

Unbelievable blue Fluorite from le Beix, France

Hessite from Romania.

Mimentite from Australia.

Mustard yellow - a Pyromorphite from Kellog, Idaho, USA.

Perfect crystalised is this Rhodocrosite from South Africa.

Smithsonite - Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.

Now we are entering the Vault .

Salim Edde put his favourite specimens in here.

The famous Gold wire from Venezuela.

"Wings" - one of the famous Rhodocrosite specimens from the Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, USA.

After the opening of the mim museum Salim invited his guests to one of the best night clubs in the world. The Sky Bar in Beirut is something different. Ian and I never have been to a club quite like this.

Ian and I did not only enjoy the atmosphere of the Sky Bar, the cocktails were not too bad either...


Ian Bruce with one of the curators of the mim museum, Suzy Hakimian.

Gilles Emringer, Ian Bruce and Salim Edde enjoyed the party at the Sky Bar.

The mim museum is a real treat and the density of great mineral specimens is yet to be repeated any where in the world. A great display with many minerals that are best of species will amaze even the most expierenced mineral collector.

The country itself is one that never fails to surprise you. The conradiction between newly built hotels and apartment blocks against the still remaining ruins of the years of civil war are.....

And on the other side this country has an amazing history and a few hours north of Beirut in Baalbek the most astonishing ruins can be visited. The history of settlement dates back almost 9,000 years.

One of the temple ruins in Baalbek.

For Ian and I it is clear that this was not our last visit to Lebanon and Beirut. This is an amazing country and with a museum like the mim museum hopefully more western tourists will discover this beauty as well.

Author: Diana Schlegel
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