Tucson 2014 - 2nd Report

2 February 2014

Cloudy sky's over the mountains of Tucson.

Welcome to the second of our reports here in Tucson, 2014.

This year the Crystal Classics team arrived a little earlier than we have done in recent years and we were welcomed with warm sunny sky's in stark contrast to the long wet days we have left the rest of our team enduring back in our home town in Somerset, England. This seems to have changed in the last day or so as we have seen some cloud and rain and temperatures have dropped a little. But spirits in the mineral world and an eagerness to get at those great rocks seems ever resilient.

Our set up at the Hotel Tucson City Centre began a few days ago and we opened our doors for trading on the first day to find a queue of keen collectors and dealers waiting in anticipation. Here are a few images of the set up as we put together the display in our wholesale room.

Set up Inn Suites Tucson 2014
One of the first things is to set up all the tables and bring in all the minerals.
Peter Schlegel deciding where to put the next pile of mineral flats.

tucson 2014
Pos and Peter sorting out the lighting for each of the tables.

Tucson 2014
Positioning the lights for best effect.

Tucson 2014
Sorting the minerals and checking all the labels are correctly positioned. 

tucson 2014
Diana Schlegel and Dave Whipp carefully placing some of the larger specimens onto the show case shelves.

Tucson 2014
Nearly done, Peter checks over some of the last specimens.

tucson 2014
L to R: Peter Schlegel, Diana Schlegel, Ian Bruce and Miroslaw Posmyk ("Pos") at the end of a long day.

tucson 2014
Ian and Diana outside The Crystal Classics wholesale showroom (the Mission Meeting Room) at the Hotel Tucson City Centre just prior to opening. 

tucson 2014
The doors opened at 10am and in they came!
Collectors and dealers alike all looking for that elusive rarity to add to their collection - and all at 50% discount.

tucson 2014
At times there was little room to move between the tables!

Here's a taste of some of the specimens we had for sale at discounted prices.

Tucson 2014
Great specimens from all around the World - from thumbnails to cabinet sizes. Specimens to suit all collecting tastes.

Tucson 2014
A great Aragonite selected from our huge range of specimens from the Lavrion district in Greece. This coralloid specimen is reminiscent of the classic Aragonites Known as "Flos Ferri" from the Styrian Erzberg region of Austria.

tucson 2014
More great specimens in one of our show cases.

tucson 2014
A close up of that great Rose Quartz crystal group on a Smoky Quartz crystal from  the Pitorra claim, Laranjeiras, Galiléia, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Pictured above.

Pos with his new friend!

Tucson 2014
Two great friends of the Crystal Classics team Karen Arce and Andrea Yallop with Ian - both enjoying their new acquisitions.

Here are a few of the minerals I found looking around other dealers rooms on the opening day of the show.

Alvaro Lucio had three perfectly terminated Tourmaline crystals from a new  find in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Tucson 2014
Tourmaline crystal from the Chia mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Tucson 2014
A closer look at the colour of these Tourmaline crystals.

Alvaro also had other great brazilian crystals:

Topaz crystal from Antônio Pereira district, Ouro Preto, Iron Quadrangle, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

tucson 2014
Strings of Apatite crystals from the Golconda pegmatite, Governador Valadares, Doce Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Another Apatite, this time from Galiléia, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

In room 120 Dennis Beals had a selection of great Amethyst crystals and groups from a new find at Guerrero, Mexico

Two cabinets full of these exquisite Amethyst groups from Huitzuco, Guerrero, Mexico.

Amethyst from Huitzuco, Guerrero, Mexico.

Dennis also had this interesting "Stalactitic" Mottramite
from Level 6, San Juan Poniente, Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico

Whenever I visit Luis Burillo's room at Tucson (or elsewhere in the world for that matter) there is always something of interest. This year two specimens particularly caught my eye

Tucson  2014 Fluorite
Rich blue translucent Fluorite cubes scattered across matrix
from the Panasqueira Mines, Covilhã, Castelo Branco District, Portugal.

Green euhedral crystal of Augellite nestled amidst a cluster of clear terminated Quartz needles which includes a perfect "Japan Law" Twin. A great little specimen.

We have highlited some of the colourful new find of Wulfenites from the Rowley Mine in a previous report. But this time when I saw these in the room of R.I.L. Inc. I thought a couple more photos of these brightly coloured specimens would not go unappreciated - they are just so eye catching.

Rich Orange thin plates of Wulfenite scattered across matrix
from The Rowley Mine, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA.

A mass of Orange coloured Mimetite aggregates with a few lustrous plates of Wulfenite from The Rowley Mine, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA.

Crystals of the rare Copper oxide mineral Tenorite
from the Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka Oblast',
Far-Eastern Region, Russia.

Another of these Tenorite samples From Russia

A closer view of some of the larger Tenorite crystals resting on grey scoreacious lava from the Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka Oblast', Far-Eastern Region, Russia.

Mineral Decor, specialists in Indian mineral specimens, are just a few rooms away from us at the Hotel Tucson City Centre and always have a surprise amongst their specimens. Cheap designer louboutin schuhe outlet.

A delicate growth of Chalcedony stringers on matrix from India.

Detail of the above Chalcedony.

A selection of radiating aggregates of red Scolecite with Chalcedony from Chandna Puri, India.

Fluorite Ball resting on Amethyst from India.

Tucson 2014
A land mark building in Tucson.
A Fossil warehouse we pass on route back to our accommodation at the end of each day.

Tucson 2014
No, this is not a back drop for a film set, this actually is the view we have from the garage of our accommodation in the hills overlooking Tucson. 

Tucson 2014
Some of the flats of retail specimens allocated for the Westward Look and TGMS shows opening in a few days time.

tucson 2014
Another great view from our accommodation.

Tucson 2014
Peter Schlegel and Dave Whipp enjoying a beverage at the end of a hard working day prior to the show.

Tucson 2014
Was it the hard work? Was it the Jet Lag?
Most likely it was the wine!!

Stay tuned for a third helping of all things Tucson in a few days time.

Author: Dave Whipp
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