CRYSTAL CLASSICS Auction in Aid of Cancer Research UK Lot Estimates

4 June 2014




Auction Lots and Estimates*!


If you wish to make a bid for one or several lot(s), please contact Debbie Boyer via email: She will contact you after you made a bid with further details.



Clinoclase Cornwall
Estimate:  £1500 GBP


Lot: CCDN7930

Meta-Torbernite Cornwall
Estimate:  £480 GBP


Lot: ASG0469

Fluorite on Chalcopyrite - Cornwall
Estimate:  £30 GBP



Lot: CCDN7785

Chalcophyllite Cornwall

Estimate: £625 GBP


Lot: ASG0532

Cerussite Co.Durham, England
Estimate: £90 GBP



Lot: ASG0291

Metatorbenite - Cornwall
Estimate: £60 GBP


Lot: ASG0531

Bismuthinite - Cornwall
Estimate: £125 GBP

Lot: CCDN8281

Chrysocolla on Cuprite

Estimate:  £240 GBP

Lot: CCDN2983

Estimate: £300 GBP

Lot: CCDD1458

Chalcocite Cornwall
Estimate: £160 GBP

Lot: CCDN6443

Parnauite Cornwall
Estimate: £625GBP

Lot: CCDN5036

Sphalerite Cornwall
Estimate: £240 GBP

Lot: ASG0283

Siderite Devon
Estimate: £200 GBP


Lot: CCDN3995

Calcite Cumbria
Estimate: £150 GBP

Lot: ASG0482

Fluorite with Quartz Cornwall
Estimate: £75 GBP



Fluorite - Co. Durham
Estimate: £50 GBP

Lot: CCDN8355

Hemimorphite Scotland
Estimate: £50 GBP


Lot: CCDN3396

Quartz South Crofty Mine
Estimate: £300 GBP


We will are counting on your support!

We are hopeful to have a successful auction in aid of Cancer Research UK and also encourage all collectors that can't make it to our Summer Open Day to have a look through our auction lots. We will post daily updates with current highly bids.

Everyone at Crystal Classics would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in the great cause.


*Estimate: Each lot in our auction is given a low estimate, representing the opinion of Crystal Classics what the lot should minimum sell for. Estimates are based on the examination of an item and recent sold similar pieces. Published in our online "catalogue", an estimate provides prospective buyers with an important preliminary guide to value and is generally the basis for establishing the reserve price.


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