Crystal Classics at Ste Marie aux Mines 2014 - 1

28 June 2014

Ste. Marie Aux Mines 

June 2014

Once again it's time for the Crystal Classics team to set off for the Ste. -Marie - Aux Mines Mineral, Fossil and Gem Show. This year the weather has been a little more clement returning to what we expect of Ste. Marie, hot sunshine punctuated with fast and frequent thunderstorms, rather than the long wet week we experienced last year, - much nicer.

As ever the town had already begun its face-lift before we arrived and the tent lined streets were already showing signs of bustling as the first exhibitors were unloading and unwrapping their wares. Each year we see a little change in the setup not just as requested at our booth but at various areas throughout the town - the show seems to grow each Year.

Pos with one of our vans just after arrival in Ste. Marie - Late Sunday afternoon.

This year one part of the changes was the introduction of exclusive booths around the swimming pool in the town centre. - An interesting concept and well, if it gets too hot....

The Pool with new look booths to the left and right

Liz and Dave Hacker, regulars with the Crystal Classics team hard at work with the set up of our main booth in the theatre.

View down one of the corridors of the theatre during one of the set up days. Dealers take a great deal of time setting up their spectacular displays and covering their booths each evening ensures a degree of security overnight.

Pos with Armin Schöler soon after our set up was completed.

The Crystal Classics booth ready for action!

Yours Truly (Dave W.) during set up of the stand.

Ian Bruce with friend and mineral collector Michel Perraudin.

Diana Schlegel hard at work setting the office section up on the stage behind our main Booth.

All six mineral cabinets together with glass-topped show cases each filled with minerals from a world region UK, France, Africa etc.

Our "Stage" booth is filled with flats of fine mineral specimens also categorised to world locations.

Collectors and dealers alike soon filled the stage booth looking for the that elusive piece. 

Here are some of the specimens we had to offer both in the show cases and the boxes in our stage booth.

Please note - as always many of these specimens may remain unsold this time at the Ste. Marie show. If there is anything here that might interest you please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to locate any specimen that has not been sold and forward details at your request.

Wirey Acanthite Pseudomorph after Native Silver from the
Himmelsfürst Mine, Brand-Erbisdorf, Freiberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany.

Chalcocite crystal cluster from Flambeau Mine,
Ladysmith, Rusk Co., Wisconsin, USA.

A superb Pseudomorph of Malachite after Azurite from
Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto Region, Namibia.

Colourless clusters of Smithsonite with interspersed reddish brown Descloizite from
Berg Aukas, Grootfontein District, Otjozondjupa Region, Namibia.

Yellow Fluorite with Calcite from Wet Grooves Mine, Askrigg, Wensleydale, North Pennines, North Yorkshire, England.

Interlocking twins of purple Fluorite from 340 Level, Frazer's Hush Mine, Rookhope, Co. Durham, England. One of many specimens Crystal Classics recently acquired from the David Green Collection.

Another fine Frazer's Hush Fluorite.

Another specimen from the David Green collection - Fine bladed green crystals of
Botallackite from Cligga Head, Perranzabuloe, St Agnes District, Cornwall, England.

Large single terminated crystal of Sturmanite from the N'Chwaning Mines,
 Kuruman, Kalahari manganese field, Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

Unusual hollow Amethyst epimorph from Turkey.
However, we're not sure what the Amethyst originally coated - any suggestions please...

A great gem mineral specimen - Beryl, Var. Morganite with slightly smoky Quartz crystals and Feldspar from Laghman Province, Afghanistan.

Super cluster of translucent blue to purple interlocking Fluorite cubes
 from Komshejeh Mine, Ardestan County, Esfahan Province, Iran.

Another Fluorite from the same location in Iran, this time consisting of parallel grown slightly rounded, near colourless cubes, but with a very thin inky violet colour on the surface. 

Lustrous reticulated Cerussite crystal groups perched on gray matrix from
Nakhlak Mine, Madan-e Nakhlak, Anarak District, Nain County, Esfahan Province, Iran.

Strangely shaped Aragonite from Hüttenberg,
Friesach - Hüttenberg area, Carinthia, Austria.

Gemmy Cerussite "Arrowhead Twin" from Touissit, Oujda-Angad Province,
Oriental Region, Morocco.

Classic double terminated "Window" Quartz from the
Illiez Valley, Wallis, Switzerland.

Fine needles and sprays of Kermesite from Bräunsdorf, Freiberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany.

Rich green interlocking cubes of Fluorite from the Rogerley Quarry, Frosterley, Weardale, North Pennines, Co. Durham, England.

Malachite coating large Cuprite crystals from Ogonja, Seeis, Windhoek District, Khomas Region, Namibia.

Platy metallic Nagyagite crystals from Sacarîmb, Deva, Hunedoara Co., Romania.

Sacarîmb, Deva, Hunedoara Co., Romania

Sacarîmb, Deva, Hunedoara Co., Romania

Sacarîmb, Deva, Hunedoara Co., Romania

A great little group of dark mustard coloured Pyromorphites from the classic locality of Les Farges, Ussel, Corrèze, Limousin, France.

Another classic French piece.
Rich pink octahedral Fluorite crystals on matrix.
From the Mont Blanc Massif, Chamonix,
Haute-Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France.

 A very pretty cluster of lustrous black Aegirine crystals from
Mount Malosa, Zomba District, Malawi. 

Deep red Ruby crystal embedded in matrix from Mysore District, Karnataka, India.

A rich and well defined example of Sperrylite from Noril'sk, Putoran Plateau, Taimyr Peninsula, Eastern Siberia, Russia.

Classic "Horsetooth" Siderite crystals in association with white Quartz crystals from Wheal Maudlin, Lostwithiel, St Austell District, Cornwall, England.

A rich and colourful piece.
Near cubic interlocking Wulfenite crystals from the 
Los Lamentos Mts, Mun. de Ahumada, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Deep blue, flat topped Tourmaline from the Cruzeiro mine, São José da Safira, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Cognac coloured Grossular (Hessonite) Garnet crystals scattered on matrix from
Jeffrey mine, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada.

Flowing, banded Malachite growths on Quartz from
Lichtenberg Copper Mines, Lichtenberg, Bad Steben,
Franconian Forest, Bavaria, Germany.

Miargyrite on Proustite with Calcite from
St Andreasberg District, Harz, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Rich Rhodochrosite crystals from the Kalahari Mn. Fields, South Africa.

A classic Cornish Pharmacosiderite from Wheal Gorland,
St. Day United Mines, Gwennap, Camborne, Cornwall, England.

Fluorite crystal with yellow and blue banded zones from
Valzergues, Decazeville, Aveyron, Midi-Pyrénées, France.

Lustrous dark green Epidote crystals from 
Knappenwand, Untersulzbach valley, Hohe Tauern, Salzburg, Austria.

A rich cluster of inky blue Fluorite crystals from
Beihilfe Mine, Halsbrücke, Freiberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany.

An old time piece, this Proustite crystal from Chañarcillo, Copiapó Province, Atacama Region, Chile, has a couple of great old labels that accompany it.

Miargyrite from San Genaro Mine, Castrovirreyna, Huancavelica, Peru.

Blue Smithsonite from 
Kelly Mine, Magdalena, Magdalena District, Socorro Co., New Mexico, USA.

Well that's a few of the minerals that we have to offer at this Show.
Just a small proportion af all the wonderful minerals available to see at the Ste. Marie aux Mines show.

Here is a great little piece that was brought to us from another dealer.
We just had to take a picture!

A Native Copper specimen from Rudabánya, Rudabányai Mtns, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Co., Hungary. 
It looks rather organic and has morphed to a Bonsai!

We'll be back shortly with another report from the show and some of the other attraction the event has to offer.

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