The Milton Lavers Collection, Australia

21 September 2014

Crystal Classics is pleased to announce the arrival of The Milton Lavers Collection.

Ian first saw this collection over twenty years ago and feels very honoured to be able to handle the sale of this highly important collection. Over his lifetime Milton Lavers of Broken Hill in New South Wales in Australia assembled the finest collection of Broken Hill minerals ever assembled. For those of you that know nothing about the Broken Hill mines they still operate on what must be classed as one of the world’s most important economic mineral discoveries and were certainly the richest lead zinc mines ever. Some of the world’s finest mineral specimens were discovered throughout the orebody ranging from the fabulous silver halides, Cerussites, Anglesites, Azurites and Native Coppers from the hugely enriched gossan to the world famous Garnets, Gem Rhodonites and carbonates from deep down in the mine.

The mines have now been working for over 100 years and although not completely exhausted the mines will undoubtedly not last many more decades and the productive mineral specimen zones have long been depleted.

Broken Hill,New South Wales, Australia

The Lavers collection consists of several thousand specimens that represent the most extensive and complete samples of the rich mineralogical diversity that defines Broken Hill. Very few people have quality Broken Hill specimens in their collections because very little quality material ever left Broken Hill, it was actively collected by Lavers and remained in his collection until his death barely a few months ago.

Milton Lavers
Milton Lavers in his mineral room.

Milton Lavers

View into one of the many collection rooms of Milton Lavers.

Bustamite Broken Hill Milton Lavers
An exeptional Bustamite from Broken Hill.

Pyromorphite Lavers
A  big piece richly covered with green Pyromorphite.

Spessartine Garnet Broken Hill M. Lavers
A Spessartine var. Garnet

Cerussite Broken Hill Lavers
Some of many Cerussites that were in the collection of Milton Lavers.

Cerussite Broken Hill Lavers

Cerussite Broken Hill Lavers

Rhododnite Milton Lavers Broken Hill
The Milton Lavers collection contains a great range of Rhodonite pieces, from single crystal to completly covered specimens.

Ian was very pleased that he had a lot of good friends that helped him packing this mammoth collection. Thank you guys!

Penny Williamson from the Wollongong Museum lend a helping hand and was truly impressed with the quantity and quality of Broken Hill specimens.

A big thank you to Rob Sielecki from Ausrox, Penny Williamson, Paul Carr and also Sally Lavers.

At the Ausrox head quarters the Lavers collection was wrapped - ready to be shipped to the UK.

Back at base in the UK all 4 crates got unloaded.

We will be working on the cleaning and curating of this collection for the next few months so please enquire if you have any special request.

We will be launching this hugely important collection in two parts, as it is perpared in our laboratory:

Some specimens will be ready for THE MUNICH SHOW 2014, but the bulk of the material will be marketed in Melbourne along with Rob Sielecki and Ausrox in December.

Part1: Presenting The Milton Lavers Broken Hill Collection at the Ausrox headquarters in Melbourne, Australia on the 13th and 14th December.

Part 2: Release of the second part of the Lavers collection at the Tucson Mineral & Gem Show 2015.

If you would like to know more about the Milton Lavers Broken Hill collection here are a few links to publications:$1-3-million-miner

Author: Diana Schlegel
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