Urgent Notice; Theft of mineral specimens from the Desmond Sacco Collection

8 December 2014

This is an urgent notification of the theft of 60 highly prized mineral specimens from the home of Desmond Sacco;

Excerpt from Sharon Flax Waddington editor of Southern African Gems & Minerals Magazine, via Piroska Magyar and Mindat.org

 NOTE!!! THEFT of major mineral specimens in Johannesburg. Sunday night 7th December. There has been a theft of 60 world class mineral Desmond Sacco's house in Johannesburg.  Please forward this alert to all mineral collectors and dealers you might know and ask them to forward onwards as well.  If you are offered extraordinary specimens for sale, international as well as southern African, be very wary. Some of these have been photographed and if they appear on the market they are easily traceable.

Should you be offered any high quality specimens from South Africa and be suspicious of the source, please do not hesitate to contact us at orders@crystalclassics.co.uk with any details and we will provide them to the necessary parties.


We have received photographs of some of the missing specimens.  If anyone is offered these specimens, please do not hesiitate to get in contact.

A note from Dr Bruce Cairncross;

"Those who know minerals will recognize the size and quality of the specimens. For example, in the back center of the display photo is a Jonas Mine rubellite that is approximately 40 cm long; back right is a ~30-40 cm stibnite; front bottom center is a Kalahari Manganese Field rhodochrosite that is about 30 cm wide; the large Pakistan aqua that is above and to the right of the rhodo is about 20 cm tall and 10 cm wide.

The display photo was taken in 2007 and is thus dated. Some of the specimens taken had been added more recently. I have attached a few single photos of these, which include the afghanite crystal that was recently featured on the cover of "The Mineralogical Record" as well as some large Tsumeb pieces. There are others that unfortunately I did not photograph."

Author: LS

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