2014 Winter Open Day Report

16 December 2014

Crystal Classics Winter Open Day

29th November 2014


Unusually for the end of November, East Coker was blessed with glorious sunny, warm weather setting the scene for our second Open Day this year.

After setting a precedence at our Summer Open Day, it was always going to be difficult to match the lofty expectations of those who would be attending for the second time.  Luckily for us, we were to unveil two exceptional collections – the Carruth and Farr collections – which had enticed customers to join us from all over the world.

With the arrival of these exceptional collections, the galleries went through a moderate make-over;


The World Wide Gallery 


The British Mineral Gallery


Before the doors opened, everyone enjoyed their complimentary Bacon roll, leaving us to make final preparations and gather for a team photograph;



By 9.55, people started to gather, each clutching their line tickets to ensure that everyone got through the door at the time they arrived. 



At 9.58, the tension was high.  Ian had to step in to calm things down, pointing out there was still two minutes to go.


Then the doors opened and everyone flooded in, making a Bee-line for the British mineral Gallery

What they found in there certainly had mouths watering;


Chalcopyrite coated Tetrahedrite from Herodsfoot Mine


Horsetooth Siderite and Quartz, Wheal Maudlin


‘Lady’s Slipper’ Epimorph, Virtuous Lady Mine


Meta-Torbernite, Old Gunnislake Mine


Anglesite from the Type Locality, Parys Mine

Liroconite and Parnauite, Wheal Gorland.


While collectors got busy selecting specimens, Steve Posted an update to coincide with the opening of the doors at 10am.  The update included mineral specimens from both the Farr and Carruth collection with specimens selected specifically for those who couldn’t make our open day


Debbie Boyer was also manning her station, along with Alison Salter


And, right on Queue, here’s David Hacker with the first lot of mineral specimens;


Time to get serious people!


Or maybe not….


Liz Hacker was also helping out but, on the advice of family members, she was told to take it easy.  That didn’t stop her from trying to get involved, though


This led to strong words from Ali

And resulted in Liz being confined to a desk-bound holding area

It’s for her own good, bless her.

Meanwhile, collectors were having success finding specimens for their burgeoning collections.

Barry Pitt managed to track down an excellent and elusive East Caradon Quartz and Chalcopyrite

Steve Rust climbs past eager collectors to access one of the British Display cases

It certainly seems to help getting close to the specimens, as Ben Rigby will attest.

Cortney Smale with Roy Starkey discussing the contents of one of our display cases


Meanwhile, over in the Worldwide Gallery, Wolfie had taken time from his busy schedule to help out.  Wolfie, a scholar of the finest haut couture designers Paris has to offer, decided it was the right time to unveil part of his hotly anticipated winter collection whilst fulfilling his role as Worldwide Gallery custodian

Unfortunately after an hour, his work hard, play hard attitude finally caught up with him, forcing him to doze on the job.

It’s hard being a dog and world-wide fashion Icon.

Within the worldwide gallery, a great selection of specimens were on offer

European and American Specimens


Worldwide specimens


African Specimens

Also in the Worldwide Gallery was a selection of new Gem minerals


Aquamarine, Garnet and Quartz, Pakistan

This display was particularly popular with both the current and next generation of collectors


Ian Bruce appraising one of the displays with Keith Corrie

Rick Turner getting up close and personal with some Tsumeb Specimens

Christian and Tobias Weiss and inspecting some European Classics

Searching drawers is hungry work so we ensured everyone had plenty of food and drink to keep them going


While for some of us, it’s all a bit too much like hard work.

Once everyone had bought their fill of specimens, an evening party followed where collectors were invited to recline with a glass of wine and good food, in the company of other collectors.  This is a popular part of the Crystal Classics open day as it gives everyone the opportunity to catch up and discuss things besides minerals.  This time round there weren’t any photos of the evening – priorities seemed to be assigned to food, drink and friends over photos – but a big thank you to everyone who attended.


Our next big event will be Tucson and we hope to see you there!

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