Acquistion of the Franz Lammer Collection

13 May 2015

The acquisition of the Franz Lammer collection.

Crystal Classics Fine Minerals Lammer Collection
Franz Lammer 1914 - 1997

Crystal Classics Fine Minerals is delighted to announce the acquisition of the Franz Lammer collection.

Franz Lammer born in 1914 in Göß,  developed an interest in minerals in the late 1950's and was an passionate collector until his death in 1997. He was a well-known mineral enthusiast based in Leoben, Styria  Austria. His collection was full of worldwide classics but his specialities were minerals of Tsumeb and Austria with very fine suites of both locations present in the collection. Some of the best specimens in these suites are amongst the very finest ever found and it is with great pleasure that we will be handling the dispersal of this important collection.

Cabinets filled with a collection built over a lifetime

The Strontianites from the Oberdorf an der Laming magnesite-talc deposit are beyond comparison and I was shocked at just how good they were!!!

Ian Bruce
Ian & Diana spent days wrapping the collection.

Diana Bruce
Tsumeb almost completed.

Ian Bruce

Ian Bruce with Franz Lammer's sons Armin and Egmont Lammer who we purchased the collection from.


We will be preparing this collection for sale over the next weeks in preparation for sale at the St. Marie show in June.

If you have any special requests please email us via

Author: Ian & Diana
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