New Year 2016 News from Crystal Classics

7 January 2016

New Year 2016 News from crystal Classics

Well 2015 was a very busy year for all of us at Crystal classics here in Sunny England. We have some fabulous new team members and now have 13 full time staff which has become necessary to handle the sheer volume of collections we have had this year. In 2015 alone we handled 30 mineral collections including the fabulous Huber collection which must be one of the finest collections of European classic minerals ever assembled!! 

We are heading to Tucson Arizona in a few weeks and will be arriving with 4 major new collections!!

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of the best treasures from the Oliver Konczer collection.

Many of Oliver’s specimens have been featured in major European exhibitions over the last few years and are some of the best we have ever had. We were also lucky enough to purchase a very fine selection from the famous Robert Brandstetter fluorite collection, with many famous specimens that have featured on magazine covers and also in many articles over the last decades.

In Italy we bought the 5000 specimen Ennio Contarini collection which was put together in the early 1900’s. Some of the specimens here are really a pleasant surprise and are a great snapshot of early 20th century mineralogical finds and represent some of the best specimens we have ever handled for the species.

The highlight of Tucson for us will be the Jesse Fisher and Joan Kureczka pegmatite mineral collection with some of the best San Diego classics minerals ever to come to market.

The tourmalines in this famous collection are truly phenomenal and we will bring everything to Tucson this year!!

There are some more superb collections coming in 2016 so keep an eye on our website.


Best wishes and happy New year to all our friends in the mineral world from Ian and Diana Bruce and the crystal Classics team

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