Announcing the Jim Robison Tsumeb Mineral Collection

27 January 2016

Crystal Classics Fine Minerals are delighted to announce the acquisition of the Jim Robison collection of Tsumeb Minerals.

Jim Robison and Ian Bruce in front of Jim's Mineral display cabinets

It was sad to hear of Jim's poor health just before our trip to Tucson, and he asked us to help with the dispersal of his fine collection which he assembled over 40 years.  

Jim's primary focus was the mineralogy of Tsumeb and he had one of the finest collections of Smithsonites we have seen, with hundreds of different colours, habits and associations included.

Manganoan Smithsonite, Tsumeb Mine, Namibia, Jim Robison Collection

The other significant part of his collection was the suite of Dolomite, Calcite and Smithsonite Epimorph casts that Tsumeb is famous for. 

Dolomite Cast of Azurite/Cerussite, Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.  Jim Robison Collection

We will be releasing this collection throughout the show, please e-mail for further details.

Calcite with Duftite, Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.  Jim Robison Collection

Cobaltoan Smithsonite, Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.  Jim Robison Collection

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