Tsumeb Evening 2016

12 February 2016

Tsumeb.com Launch Event

Shortly after the Open House event, Crystal Classics hosted the Tsumeb night, featuring the long-awaited launch of Tsumeb.com, a new website dedicated to all things Tsumeb.

The event was kicked off by Ian who provided a short introduction, followed by a demonstration by Liam Schofield of the new website.  Sheilds Flynn then provided an overview of the discovery of Munakataite at Tsumeb before the evening was rounded off by Malcolm Southwood with a talk on Wilhelm Klein.

Ian opens the proceedings

Followed by Liam giving an overview of the new Tsumeb.com website

Shields Flynn gives an insight into the pitfalls involved in having a new Tsumeb Mine mineral described.

Mal gives a rundown of the principles of the website and some interesting history on the early collectors at the mine.

The room was crowded with avid Tsumeb collectors as well as academics and museum curators

Diana and Rob Sielecki showing off the delicious Lasagne that was prepared for the evening.


Jeff Scovil, who has provided Tsumeb.com permission to re-use some of his excellent photographs, was also in attendance



Debbie Boyer, Lizzie Hacker and Angie Southwood expertly managed the catering for the evening ensuring nobody went hungry!


Alan Hart of the Natural History Museum, Raquel Alonso-Perez of the Harvard Museum and Ian Bruce of Crystal Classics


Steve Rust, Marius Oleszczuk, Malcolm Southwood and David Hacker discussing the finer points of Tsumeb (and possibly beer)

The night was a fantastic success and we would all like to thank those who attended the evening and those who could not make it, for their support of the Tsumeb.com project. 



Author: Liam and Steve
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