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25 July 2016

 As usual we are very busy here at Crystal Classics! Since the St Marie Aux Mines Mineral Show we have been ploughing diligently through some of our newest acquisitions.

We have been unwrapping the beautiful collection of Benoit Dumont from Belgium. The minerals are all from classic localities and have been carefully selected over many years by Benoit. We will have these ready in the next couple of months and will be premiering them at the Denver Fine Mineral Show in September.


L: Rhodochrosite, N'Chwaning Mine, South Africa   R: Fluorite on Celestine, Tule Mine, Mexico    

On a sadder note we were sorry to lose Alexander Delerm from Paris in France, a valued customer of Crystal Classics for many years, who died earlier this year. We are honoured to have purchased a significant part of his very fine collection which we will also show in Denver in September.


L: Diana with Alexander Delerm a few years ago    R: Vesuvianite with Grossular and Diopside, Bellecombe, Italy


L: Cubanite, Henderson No. 2 Mine, Canada    R: Fluorite with Quartz, Yaogangxian Mine, China



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