Peter Rosewarne Collection Acquisition

11 August 2016

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Peter Rosewarne collection.

Peter’s first exposure to the world of minerals and crystals was whilst taking geology ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels at school in Brighton, UK, in the late sixties. His interest was of a fairly general nature at that stage although the seeds of mineral collecting were sown on some field trips; one of which was to North Wales, where he remembers being excited by picking up some Pyrite and Bornite specimens. Next stop was reading geology at Kingston University, London, where a firm interest in mineralogy and igneous petrology took hold. Peter started collecting on field trips and buying the occasional specimen from dealers. 

Dioptase on Calcite | Namibia | 6x5.4x4.3cm

After Peter emigrated to South Africa in 1975, having landed a job with the Geological Survey, he maintained a distant interest in minerals but did nothing about it until visiting Swakopmund in 1997 to attend a geophysics conference. Namibia initially got him hooked and through a visit to the House of Gems in Windhoek, purchases from various dealers and joining the Cape Town Gem & Mineral Club sometime in 2005, Peter really intensified the hobby of mineral collecting.

Smithsonite | Mexico | 6.9x4.6x3.8cm

Peter’s interests in minerals are wide spread; from US localities including Red Cloud Wulfenites, very nice Mexican Smithsonites and Los Lamentos Wulfenites, Bunkerhill Pyromorphites, to a few choice Tsumeb pieces and European classics. Peter has a very fine eye for aesthetics and his specimens range from thumbnail to hand size specimens and are always in prestine condition.

Cuprian Smithsonite | Namibia | 4.9x4.5x2.6cm

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