New Specimen Update 18th August 2016

18 August 2016

Hello Everyone

In our new update for this week we have a selection of super specimens from many classic European locations and several more from further afield, including;


- An excellent Benitoite from California

- Rare Chalcophyllite from Cornwall

- An unusual sculptural Descloizite from Namibia 

- Fine Azurite from Tsumeb Mine

- Excellent Tourmaline from California

- Gemmy Baryte from Poland

- Neat Baryte from Cumbria

With many more to see in the New Update please click HERE 

We are looking forward to our next show in Denver from 13 September - 18 September 2016.

We will also be traveling to Europe and the USA to view collections.

Crystal Classics are listing weekly auctions at Der Hammerstein. Our current auction is live with fantastic specimen’s available, ending 21st August at 8 pm GMT. If you are not already registered, why not do so today.

From the Crystal Classics Team


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