Peter Rosewarne Collection 22nd September 2016

22 September 2016

Hello Everyone

In our new update for this week we have a selection of fine specimens from the recently acquired Peter Rosewarne Collection , including;


- Classic Wulfenite from Erupcion Mine

- A fine Red Cloud Wulfenite

- Specimens of Vesuvianite and Grossular from Jeffrey Mine

- Three Pyromorphite specimens from Bunker Hill Mine

- A neat Pyromorphite from Les Farges Mine

- Rich specimen of Grossular from Ala Valley, Italy

- Cuprian Adamite from the Ojuela Mine

With many more to see in the New Update please click HERE 

Our next show will be in the beautiful Derbyshire village of Bakewell, UK. At THE BAKEWELL ROCK EXCHANGE
We will also be traveling to Europe and the USA to view collections.

Crystal Classics are listing daily auctions at Der Hammerstein. Our current auction is live with fantastic specimen’s available. If you are not already registered, why not do so today.

From the Crystal Classics Team 

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