Mixed Specimen Update 20th October 2016

20 October 2016

Hello Everyone

In our update for this week we have a selection of super specimens from many classic Worldwide locations, including;

- An excellent Bournonite from Herodsfoot Mine, Cornwall
- Fluorite on Quartz from USA 
- A fine Tourmaline specimen from Brazil 
- A super Calcite with Boulangerite inclusions Romania
- Butterfly twin Calcite Brazil
- Pleasing Cuprian Smithsonite from the Tsumeb Mine 
- A large Mimetite variety Campyllite from Dry Gill Mine

With many more to see in the New Update HERE

Preparations are well underway for the Munich show which is the largest in Europe. For more information regarding the show, please click HERE


Stop Press Announcement

At the Munich Show we will be presenting a new find of Chrome Dravite all with a fine rich green colour from Nadonjukin, Tanzania as well as a new collection full of classic European and Tsumeb Mine specimens.


Der Hammerstein

Crystal Classics and Crystal Classics USA are listing daily auctions at Der Hammerstein. Our current auction is live with fantastic specimen’s available. If you are not already registered, why not do so today.

Due to extenuating circumstances, Crystal Classics USA has temporarily moved operations back to the UK in order to ensure continued support to our customers.  If you have purchased anything on Der Hammerstein from Crystal Classics USA, these shipments will be fulfilled from the UK until such time as operations can be returned to North America.  Please note that we will consolidate your shipments with any purchases from Crystal Classics Ltd, however, to ensure shipping costs are covered, Crystal Classics Ltd Shipping rates will apply.

This does not affect purchases from Crystal Classics Ltd through Crystalclassics.co.uk. If you have purchased an item from Crystal Classics USA and have any issues or questions, please forward them to debbie@crystalclassics.co.uk From the Crystal Classics Team

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