British Collection Acquisitions

10 November 2016

With our next two events here in England, what better time to announce that we have two exciting new British collections to share with you!

Pyromorphite | Wheal Alfred | 5.5x4.4x2.3cm

Firstly we have some exquisite new British pieces from the Peter Burr collection. The collection is an interesting and eclectic mixture of specimens with detailed labels. These will be launching exclusively at our Winter Open Day on the 26th November - just 2 weeks time! 

Cassiterite var. Wood Tin | Lee Moor Quarry | 4.7x3.7x3.9cm

We also have some specimens from the personal collection of Richard Williams - a Cornish mining historian and previous owner of the Poldark Mine. The collection contains classic locality British specimens, the majority of which were formerly on display in the Poldark Museum.

Calcite | Bigrigg Mines | 10.4x9.6x4.2cm

With Christmas approaching quickly, we also have to turn our attentions to final shipping dates. Anyone wishing to make purchases from the website please place your order by Friday 16th December.  Also if you would like to have a specimen brought to Tucson to view please could you let us know by this date as well.  Our shipment of crates will be dispatched shortly after this date.  

Andrewsite | Phoenix Mine | 3.1x2.5x2.8cm

Calcite on Siderite | Blackdene Mine | 14.5x7.5x6.7cm

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