New Specimen Update 22 June 2017

22 June 2017

Hello Everyone

This week's new specimen update is a fine selection of minerals from several classic worldwide locations including:

  • A very pleasing specimen of Malachite in the form reminiscent of Bracket Coral Fungus, from the Luishia Mine, DR Congo.
  • A particularly fine rich specimen of Pseudomalachite from Ľubietová, Slovakia. 
  • Well formed prismatic crystals of translucent white Aragonite from Spania Dolina, Slovakia.
  • A very fine stepped habit group of Fluorite crystals on Muscovite from the Nagar area in Pakistan.
  • A very fine specimen of Rhodonite, Pyrrhotite and scattered crystals of Calcite from the San Martin Mine, Peru.
  • An excellent classic group of yellow gemmy-translucent crystals of Anglesite atop a Galena matrix from Touissit, Morocco
  • A very rich crystal specimen of bright metallic yellow Native Gold from the classic location Rosia Montana, Romania.
  • A fine complex array of  Paralaurionite with Diaboleite, Wherryite and Leadhillite from the Mammoth-Saint Anthony Mine, Arizona, USA.
  • With many more specimens to see in the New Update  HERE

    The SAINTE MARIE-AUX-MINES MINERAL SHOW 2017 is currently underway. We have lots of new specimens to see at this friendly social show where we hope to see many old and new friends.

    Der Hammerstein

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