New Specimen Update 29 June 2017

29 June 2017

Hello Everyone

This week's new specimen update is a fine selection of minerals from several classic worldwide locations including:

  • A great Cockscomb Baryte of intergrown bladed crystal groups on a cellular Quartz matrix from the Churprinz Friedrich August Erbstolln Mine, Germany. 
  • A classic specimen of Amethyst from Mun. Las Vigas de Ramírez, Mexico.
  • Two excellent crystals of Alpine Smoky Quartz, from Switzerland.
  • Well-developed blocky orange crystals of Serandite  with white Analcime and Natrolite crystals. A classic specimen from Mont Saint-Hilaire.
  • Lustrous red-brown crystals of Scheelite and smoky to white Quartz from Cinovec/Zinnwald on the Czech-German border.
  • A super specimen of light apple green to white Willemite from Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.
  • A fine gem substantial crystal specimen of Kunzite with pleasing pastel pink colour  with some white bladed Albite and prismatic rod-like crystals of pink Tourmaline, from the Mawi Pegmatite, Afghanistan.
  • Beautiful rich deep purple pink crystals of Cobaltoan Talmessite on a crystalline plush pink Cobaltoan Dolomite, from Bou Azer, Morocco. 
  • A well developed intergrown saddle habit crystals of lustrous grey Calcite with inclusions of metallic grey Jamesonite/Boulangerite forming a fine display from the Herja Mine, Romania.
  • A fine miniature specimen of Native Gold displaying a pleasing dendritic to herringbone crystallisation from Roşia Montană, Romania.
  • A particularly fine rich specimen of the rare mineral Durangite from a small trench working in the Thomas Range, Delta, Utah.
  • With many more specimens to see in the New Update  HERE

    The team are now back from an extremely hot SAINTE MARIE-AUX-MINES MINERAL SHOW 2017. The show report is now live and can be found here. We are now beginning to prepare for the Denver show in November. 

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