Diana Maria Mine Fluorite Update 25th April 2018

19 April 2018

Hello Everyone

Today we have a superb special selection of 15 rich green Fluorite crystal specimens with contrasting white Aragonite recently excavated from the Snowdrift Pocket, Diana Maria Mine, Frosterley, Weardale, Co. Durham, UK. Collected in a good north of England snow blizzard.
Specimens were recovered from a small pocket in the flats (Metasomatic Limestone Replacement Zone) filled with a sticky clay/mud. Only forty quality specimens were found.
After cleaning, displays of excellent combination specimens were revealed of interpenetrate twin gemmy Fluorite crystals and white Aragonite, a very pleasing contrast.
We offer a limited great opportunity to acquire beautiful contrasting specimens of Daylight Fluorescent Fluorite, the white Aragonite fluoresces pink under UV light.

To see the Fluorite/Aragonite specimens please click HERE

opening up the Snowdrift Pocket

Martin with the first quick washed specimen


Close up of the specimen at the Diana Maria Mine

We hope to find many more stunning green Fluorite specimens in our pursuit of more pockets
at the Diana Maria and Rogerley Mines. Stay tuned for more of our exciting adventure in Weardale, Co. Durham, UK., the home of great Fluorite.

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