New Specimen Update 13 July 3018

12 July 2018

Hello All,

This weeks update features a selection of fine minerals from a variety of worldwide locations including:-

  • Two excellent mirror bright cubic crystals of Bixbyite associated gem clear Topaz crystals nicely contrasted against a snow-white Rhyolite matrix from Utah, USA
  • Lustrous mid-brown prismatic crystals of Mimetite form a flat crystal aggregate over the Quartz/Arsenopyrite matrix from Wheal Unity, Cornwall
  • Excellent jet-black lustrous tabular crystals of Babingtonite, with light green botryoidal crystelline Prehnite, on a Quartz matrix with olive green micro-crystals of Epidote from China
  • A glistening, pastel pink botryoidal Rhodochrosite covering a white matrix with metallic yellow Pyrite from Oppu Mine, Japan
  • A terrific specimen of botryoidal, bubbly creamy-yellow Mimetite to 1.5cm atop a dark green contrasting crystal druse of Duftite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
  • A fine Amethyst central prismatic Quartz crystal overgrown by a colourless terminated sceptre Quartz from Goboboseb Mountains, Namibia. The sceptre has fascinating window-like developments on the three sloping faces of its pyramidal terminations

With many more specimens to see in the New Update  HERE.

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Our Next Show :

Our next major outing is to Denver in September.  This year, as in previous years, Crystal Classics will have two rooms, 225 and 227 for the "Denver Fine Mineral Show"  to be held at the Denver Marriott West Hotel from 12th - 15th September, 2018 and for the first time UK Mining Ventures Ltd will be exhibiting at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show (known as “The Main Show” at the Denver Mart) from 14th - 16th September, 2018.


From the Crystal Classics Team.


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