New Specimen Update 10 August 2018

8 August 2018

Hello All,

This week's update is featuring miniatures, rarities and classic specimens from the famous Tsumeb mine in Namibia. The Tsumeb mine operated for 89 years, eventually closing towards the twentieth century.

Tsumeb was primarily mined for copper, lead, zinc and silver along with commercial quantities of rarer elements such as cadmium, germanium and gallium. Due to its incredible variety of mineral species and their aesthetic appeal, Tsumeb became known as "The World's greatest mineral locality".

All specimens are from our newest collection acquisitions, which include the renowned John Schneider collection.

  • An exquisite knarled leaf of golden-silver coloured Native Silver, studded with gemmy bright lemon-yellow crystals of Mimetite. The colour of this beautiful thumbnail indicates a high mercury content making this a Silver amalgam, and hence a specimen from third oxidation zone. The association of Native Silver with Mimetite is highly unusual
  • An aesthetic miniature Dolomite epimorph after probable Calcite crystals, of rich brick-red-brown due to Goethite inclusions, plus secondary areas of white Dolomite
  • An old-time, pre-1918, 5 level specimen of Mimetite in a crystal habit which is rare from the deeper development at the Tsumeb mine. Crystals of prismatic yellow with green cored Mimetite measure to nearly 2 cm, with well-formed pinacoid terminations and in parallel clusters on a colourless-yellow Mimetite matrix
  • A delightful miniature of a gemmy yellow crystal of tabular Wulfenite measuring to 1.4 cm sits perfectly on a crystalline druse of leaf-green Duftite
  • An excellent miniature of Mimetite crystals surmounted by a twinned crystal of Cerussite. Crystals of intergrown white to mostly lemon-yellow Mimetite display the development of both wheatsheaf and stellate habits
  • An intriguing and beautiful specimen of bubbly stalactitic Mottramite with a later partial covering of sucrosic Calcite. Glistening light yellow-brown to pistachio green stalactites of Mottramite display a near parallel intergrown cluster measuring in overall height to 5.9 cm

With many more specimens to see in the New Update  HERE.

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Our Next Show :

Our next major outing is to Denver in September.  This year, as in previous years, Crystal Classics will have two rooms, 225 and 227 for the "Denver Fine Mineral Show"  to be held at the Denver Marriott West Hotel from 12th - 15th September, 2018 and for the first time UK Mining Ventures Ltd will be exhibiting at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show (known as “The Main Show” at the Denver Mart) in Booth 305 (Expo II) from 14th - 16th September, 2018.


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