New Specimen Update 31 August 2018

31 August 2018

 This weeks update features a choice selection of European minerals including:

  • Two magnificent and perfect cubic crystals of Pyrite from Navajún in the La Rioja province of Spain, with mirror-bright smooth faces, razor sharp edges and perfect corners. The crystals display to advantage in a matrix of creamy-tan marl
  • Two rich nickel-green, well-formed crystals of the uncommon garnet Uvarovite, measuring to 1.2cm, from the Outokumpu Deposit in Finland. The crystals are on a mixed sulphide and Diopside matrix and are a fine example of this member of the garnet group.
  • A particularly fine example of Native Arsenic in unusual intergrown shell-like botryoids to 1.5cm in diameter from the Samson Mine in St. Andreasberg, Germany. Associated with this is Argentopyrite and metallic grey with areas of ruby-red Pyrargyrite crystals to 8mm on a white Calcite matrix
  • From the type locality of Sacaramb in Romania, grey-black metallic Alabandite is intergrown Sphalerite. Overgrowing these is banded pale pink to bubble gum pink crystals of Rhodochrosite, making a most pleasing and attractive specimen
  • An excellent display of gemmy colourless and translucent white crystals of Calcite formed over a matrix of Goethite and Hematite, from the Egremont Iron mining district in Cumbria, England. A classic specimen with crystals of Calcite measuring to good 2cm with multi-faced rounded terminations. Superb!
  • A fine and rich specimen of classic Native Gold on drusey Quartz from the ancient mining district of Rosia Montana in Romania. Well-formed arborescent and herringbone crystal structures are associated with sheets of Native Gold covering areas to 3 x 2cm

With many more specimens to see in the New Update  HERE.

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Our Next Show :

Our next major outing is to Denver in September.  This year, as in previous years, Crystal Classics will have two rooms, 225 and 227 for the "Denver Fine Mineral Show"  to be held at the Denver Marriott West Hotel from 12th - 15th September, 2018 and for the first time UK Mining Ventures Ltd will be exhibiting at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show (known as “The Main Show” at the Denver Mart) in Booth 305 (Expo II) from 14th - 16th September, 2018.

From the Crystal Classics Team.

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