New Specimen Update 07 September 2018

6 September 2018

 This weeks update features a beautiful selection of American minerals to prepare you all for The Denver Show:

  • A particularly well-developed twinned crystal of Cubanite with Calcite from the Henderson No.2 Mine, Canada. The brassy-yellow and platy Cubanite crystal measures to 2.5cm across!
  • Excellent lustrous bright yellow crystals of Legrandite are nicely displayed on a rusty red-brown limonitic matrix, with areas of colourless Adamite. From the famous Ojuela Mine, Mexico
  • A complex, metallic silvery-yellow Stannite crystal measuring to 1.7cm is supported on a group of acicular metallic, silvery-grey Jamesonite crystals, from the San José Mine, Bolivia
  • A fine gemmy rich green to blue-green crystal of Elbaite Tourmaline, 7cm tall, with many crystals in parallel growth. From the Manoel Mutuca gem mine in Brazil
  • A classic and particularly fine crystallised Chalcocite from the Flambeau mine at Ladysmith in Wisconsin, USA. With individual crystals to 2cm and the entire specimen an overall metallic gunmetal grey with an iridescent patina of peacock blues, purples and reds
  • A superb and classic old-time specimen of Native Copper from the Keweenaw Peninsular copper mining district in upper Michigan, USA. Stunning intergrown Native Copper crystals with a beautiful rounded habit measure up to 2.4cm

With many more specimens to see in the New Update  HERE.

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Our Next Show :

Our next major outing is to The Denver Show - next week!  This year, as in previous years, Crystal Classics will have two rooms, 225 and 227 for the "Denver Fine Mineral Show"  to be held at the Denver Marriott West Hotel from 12th - 15th September, 2018 and for the first time UK Mining Ventures Ltd will be exhibiting at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show (known as “The Main Show” at the Denver Mart) in Booth 305 (Expo II) from 14th - 16th September, 2018.

From the Crystal Classics Team.

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