New Specimen Update 14 September 2018

13 September 2018

 This weeks update features a vibrant selection of specimens from the famous Tsumeb Mine:

  • Very fine acicular, hair-like crystals of the very rare molybdate Biehlite radiate out as individual silky needles to about 1cm and also form compacted tangled mats which act as the matrix
  • Beautiful microcrystalline Duftite forms a layered, crab-like shell in shades of earthy lime-green to dark leaf-green. This highly unusual cast has formed in curved, curtain-like stacked shells of Duftite with no attached matrix. Superb!
  • Bright blue crystalline Linarite dominates the display surface of a brecciated, pale greenish-yellow matrix. Surrounding this are other areas of Linarite, granular blue-green Caledonite, green Malachite and colourless to light grey granular Cerussite
  • Shell-like casts of creamy Dolomite are draped over bundles of pale creamy-yellow Aragonite crystals of the lead-rich variety, Tarnowitzite. A very aesthetic specimen which clearly shows the paragenesis between the crystalline Aragonite core and the overlying Dolomite casts
  • A very rare and choice specimen of the zinc arsenate hydroxide Paradamite, as terminated lustrous acid-lemon-yellow crystals on a dark fragment of Dolomitic matrix. The specimen is accompanied with a label noting analysis by Raman spectroscopy
  • A curious, little finger-sized (and shaped) stalactite of highly lustrous pale lilac Dolomite speckled with dark-green spheres of Mottramite to almost 1mm diameter. The glassy Dolomite crystals form an outer skin to the Calcite core of this most attractive and unusual specimen

With many more specimens to see in the New Update  HERE.

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Denver Show :

The Crystal Classic team are currently in rooms, 225 and 227 for the "Denver Fine Mineral Show"  which is held at the Denver Marriott West Hotel Until tomorrow night, 15th September, 2018.

From today UK Mining Ventures Ltd will be exhibiting at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show (known as “The Main Show” at the Denver Mart) in Booth 305 (Expo II) from 14th - 16th September, 2018.

From the Crystal Classics Team.

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