New Specimen Update 21 September 2018

18 September 2018

 This weeks update features a diverse selection of specimens from worldwide localities:

  • A lustrous and substantial Spessartine Garnet crystal, important for its crystal size, measuring an impressive 3cm, from the North Mine, Broken Hill, Australia. This and other smaller Spessartine crystals are a rich deep bronze-red and contain flashes of yellow-brown, display well perched atop its characteristic Galena matrix. Stunning!
  • A very rich and weighty specimen of lush, bright metallic yellow Native Gold with a hackly form, dispersed and connected throughout a white vein-Quartz with some Goethite. A fabulous Native Gold from the Sandfire area on the western edge of the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia
  • Four excellent black metallic lustrous crystals of Anatase with great form, measuring to 9mm, on a contrasting white Quartz matrix. From the Kharan District of Balochistan, Pakistan
  • A stunning specimen of bright, gemmy ruby-red crystals of Proustite measuring to 4-5mm, associated with bright metallic grey crystals of Polybasite, on a solid, rich ruby-red Proustite matrix. A beautiful and rich specimen of the two silver sulphosalts, from the J├íchymov mining area in the Czech Republic
  • A particularly fine specimen of the platinum arsenide mineral, Sperrylite, as mirror-bright, silvery metallic crystals to an impressive 1.2cm. Set against a metallic, buttery yellow 'Chalcopyrite matrix, this makes for a first class and beautiful Sperrylite from the Oktybrsky Mine in Russia
  • A brilliantly-lustrous specimen of intergrown Tetrahedrite crystals measuring to 1.5cm with an almost black metallic colour. In association is a single lustrous bladed crystal of H├╝bnerite and colourless-white Quartz crystals. A superb specimen from Mundo Nuevo in Sanchez Carrion Province, Peru

With many more specimens to see in the New Update  HERE.

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Our Next Show:

Coming up next for us is The Bakewell Rock Exchange at the Lady Manners School in Derbyshire. This lovely English show is now in its 38th year and will be open from 10 am to 5 pm on the 13th and 14th of October.

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