New Specimen Update 05 October 2018

3 October 2018

 This weeks update features a colourful array of specimens from American localities:

  • Rich lustrous crystals of Vesuvianite from the Jeffrey Mine, Canada. Well-formed gemmy to translucent-opaque crystals of zesty lime-green Vesuvianite are partly overgrown with beautiful lilac-purple Vesuvianite crystals
  • Two well-formed octahedral, opaque black crystals of Franklinite to 1.3cm with many smaller crystals in white Calcite, associated with Willemite. The Calcite fluoresces pink and the Willemite bright green. A classic from the Franklin Mining District in New Jersey, USA
  • A fine aesthetic display specimen of bicoloured Elbaite Tourmaline with a gemmy pastel yellow and contrasting blue cap. This and other smaller Elbaite crystals display well in light purple crystalline Lepidolite mica with well-developed platy crystal groups of lustrous white Albite, from the Pederneira Claim in Brazil
  • A choice and substantial lustrous 2.5cm crystal of olive-green to pistachio-green Epidote from Coayllo in Peru. This excellent crystal sits on an attractive matrix of Epidote, with several smaller well-formed crystals
  • A fabulous, bright acidic limey-yellow specimen of intergrown prismatic Pyromorphite crystals from the Bunker Hill Mine, USA. These lustrous crystals, measuring to 7mm, cover much of this fine specimen
  • A stunningly beautiful specimen of lustrous and translucent, silky bubble gum pink Smithsonite. A superb display of botryoidal Smithsonite with a fine play of light from the classic Choix location in Mexico. One for the display cabinet!

With many more specimens to see in the New Update  HERE.

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Our Next Shows:

Coming up next for us is The Bakewell Rock Exchange at the Lady Manners School in Derbyshire. This lovely English show is now in its 38th year and will be open from 10 am to 5 pm on the 13th and 14th of October.

Then from the 26 - 28th October we will be heading over to Germany for the largest mineral show in Europe -  The Munich Show. We will have the biggest booth at the show, featuring 24 display cabinets filled with over 3500 specimens.

Next up will be The Sussex Mineral & Fossil Show at Clair Hall, Haywards Heath. This show is run by the Sussex Mineral and Lapidary Society on the 17th November from 10am to 4.30pm.

Lastly for us this year will be our Winter Open Day here at the Crystal Classics headquarters in East Coker. We will be open on the 24th November from 10am to 5pm. This year we will have on display the John Jones British Mineral Collection and recent purchases from other new collections. 


From the Crystal Classics Team.

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