The Ian Acworth Cornish Collection

9 October 2008

Crystal Classics and Kristalle are pleased to be presenting the Ian Acworth Cornwall and Devon collection, acquired in mid 2008.

Pyromorphite - Wheal Alfred        Cuprite Wheal Phoenix
Pyromorphite - Wheal Alfred, Cornwall                  Cuprite - Wheal Phoenix, Cornwall

Ian Acworth's collection is one of the finest accumulations of Cornish specimens in the world. Ian has lovingly put together the collection over more than 20 years, and the collection encompasses a full range of mineral species found at the different locations around Cornwall and Devon. This also means that the collection includes specimens that have not been seen on the market for many years, from these long since closed mines.

Fluorite - Carn Brea            Fluorite Trovis Quarry
Fluorite - Carn Brea, Cornwall                Fluorite - Trolvis Quarry, Cornwall

We will be premiering many of these Cornish and Devon specimens at the Bakewell 'Rock Exchange' in Derbyshire, England on 11-12 Oct 2008. We have also prepared a batch to post on this website, which will go live in about a month, after the series of updates from the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences Collection, Pennsylvania.

Chalcocite - Levant         Pyromorphite Pool Mine
Chalcocite - Levant Mine, Cornwall              Pyromorphite - Pool Mine, Cornwall

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