New Specimen Update 16 November 2018

13 November 2018

This week we have a sparkling selection of choice specimens from Tsumeb, Namibia.

  • A very rare and interesting specimen of orange-yellow Mimetite epimorphs after twinned crystals of Cerussite measuring to 2.4cm. This unusual and aesthetic specimen has some naturally corroded Cerussite in-situ
  • A rare specimen of bright yellow Betpakdalite covering most of one surface of mixed sulphide matrix. A good example of this rare species of complex chemical composition
  • Rich colour-zoned, light green Cuprian Adamite is overgrown by gemmy olive-green Zincolivenite crystals and line a 3 x 2cm cavity in a metallic grey sulphide with some reddish Goethite/Hematite
  • Densely intergrown, lustrous deep maroon-red Cuprite crystals, mainly octahedral, to 5mm are associated with Native Copper and Dolomite
  • A beautiful arborescent Native Copper, the branches of which are composed of elongated Native Copper crystals varying from copper red to a bright metallic copper colour
  • A classic, lustrous specimen of well-formed gemmy-translucent, emerald-green Dioptase crystals, measuring to 1.3cm. These are pleasingly clustered and scattered over contrasting crystals of white Calcite

With many more specimens to see in the new Update  HERE.

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Our Next Shows:

This weekend we will be at The Sussex Mineral & Fossil Show Clair Hall, Haywards Heath. On the 17th November from 10 am to 4.30pm.

Lastly, for us this year will be our Winter Open Day here at the Crystal Classics showroom in East Coker. On the 24th November from 10 am to 5 pm. This year we will have on display the John Jones British Mineral Collection and recent purchases from other new acquisitions.

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