New Specimen Update 24 November 2018

22 November 2018

This week we have a bumper 50 specimen British update to celebrate our Winter Open Day here in East Coker. 

  • A first rate small miniature of excellent colourless, glassy Lanthanite-(Ce) crystals from its type locality at the Britannia mine (Sneyd's Level) on Snowdon in Wales. Hundreds of perfectly developed micro-crystals, all partly coated with bluish-green Malachite, cover the surface of a brecciated matrix
  • A fascinating crystal formation of Galena from the famous Millclose mine, close to Matlock in Derbyshire, England. Metallic grey cubic Galena crystals, measuring to 1.2cm, display intriguing developments of cube-octahedral crystals from the corner vertices of the main cubic faces. The specimen is accompanied with a white R.W. Barstow Collection label
  • Very rare, well-formed crystals of Paracelsian from the classic Welsh location of the Benallt mine at Rhiw on the Lleyn Peninsula. Characteristic steep chisel-shaped termination crystals of gemmy, colourless to opaque white Paracelsian, measuring to 1.4cm, cover a matrix of the same mineral. A rare and important specimen, complete with an Arthur Russell label, collected in 1911
  • A rare specimen of Native Copper from the old underground workings at East Avoca in County Wicklow, Ireland, recovered during either the early 1960s or later in the 1970s from the open cast workings. This specimen is a typical example of a post-mining deposit of Native Copper
  • A superb sawn slice of a Baryte stalactite from the Hollandtwine mine section of Dirtlow Rake, south-west of Castleton in Derbyshire, England. The overall diameter is 9.9cm. The central 7cm diameter core is composed of outwardly radiating crystals of pale, greyish-blue Baryte and is surrounded by circular banded orange-tan and cream Baryte
  • A first-rate miniature of Quartz, variety Amethyst, of superb and intense colour for Calton Hill quarry by Blackwell-in-the-Peak, close to Taddington in Derbyshire, England. Superb royal-purple Amethyst crystals to around 8mm cover a slightly concave surface of an etched, cellular Quartz pale, with hints of smoky Quartz
  • A very fine cabinet specimen of the rare barium-calcium carbonate, Barytocalcite, from Nentsberry Haggs mine in the Alston Moor District of Cumbria, England. Thin, curved sheaves of Barytocalcite crystals to about 1.5cm across appear creamy-white due to a very thin coating of Baryte. The specimens core is a cellular, mid-grey fossiliferous limestone. An excellent specimen and fine example of the species

With many more specimens to see in the new Update  HERE.

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Our Next Shows:

This Saturday will be our Winter Open Day here at the Crystal Classics showroom in East Coker. On the 24th November from 10 am to 5 pm. This year we will have on display the John Jones British Mineral Collection and recent purchases from other new acquisitions.

Then in January 2019 we will once again be bound for The Tucson Show, where we will be displaying minerals at 9 locations this year! With official dates running from 29th January through to 17th February, we will keep you all up to date through the events section of the website and through social media.

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