New Specimen Update 14 December 2018

12 December 2018

This week marks our final update of 2018! To celebrate we have chosen 50 specimens with a festive theme: 

  • A delightfully festive specimen of narrow acicular bright silver Stibnite crystals forming a Christmas tree-like cluster in snowy-white etched Quartz. From Zlatá Bana in Prešov County, Slovakia
  • A magnificent group of orange-red Crocoite crystals to 4.4cm lying flat against a thick plate of dark sooty-grey limonite matrix. From the classic Dundas Mineral Field in the Zeehan district of Tasmania, Australia
  • A set of four beautifully coloured and gemmy Elbaite Tourmaline crystals from Barra do Salnias, in the Jequitinhonha Valley of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Three of the crystals are a stunning electric lime-green with the fourth being delicate shades of pink with a subtle leaf-green tip. A very choice Christmas stocking filler (for yourself!)
  • A stunning, off-matrix group of mirror-bright, metallic gold Pyrite pyritohedron crystals from the Quiruvilca mine in Santiago de Chuco Province, Peru. The largest crystal measures to between 4 and 5 cm according to the axis. A gorgeous example of well crystallised Pyrite
  • Destined for this Christmas update, a snowball-like hemisphere of pure white Calcite measuring 7cm in diameter from Gyöngyösoroszi in the Mátra Mountains of Hungary. The specimen has a core of bronze-brown Sphalerite. An almost perfect snowball and guaranteed not to melt when displayed!
  • A stunning display specimen of blood-red acicular Realgar crystals forming a 6 x 2cm cluster on a bed of dark grey botryoidal crystallised Native Arsenic. From Baia Sprie in Maramures County, Romania. An eye-catching and beautiful specimen
  • A 9 x 7cm plate of zesty, bright lemon-yellow Pyromorphite crystals and acicular Cerussite crystals. The specimen is equally displayable from either side, providing a dilemma fit to postpone your Christmas dinner, and even the pudding! From the MMM mine at Broken Hill, Australia, the acicular glassy-white Cerussite and lemon Pyromorphite crystals make for a fabulous specimen
  • A beautiful stubby raspberry-pink, aquamarine-green and electric-light blue cap Elbaite Tourmaline crystal partly embedded in a large translucent light-grey Quartz crystal of complex habit. From the Sapo mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil

With many more specimens to see in the new Update  HERE.

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Our Next Shows:

In January 2019 we will once again be bound for The Tucson Show, where we will be displaying minerals at 9 locations this year! With official dates running from 29th January through to 17th February, we will keep you all up to date through the events section of the website and through social media.

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