New Specimen Update 04 January 2019

17 December 2018

We hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year break! We now welcome you to our first update of 2019, which features a bumper 50 specimens from various worldwide localities: 

  • A highly aesthetic sculptural specimen of Native Silver from the Uchucchacua Mine in Peru. The Silver is reminiscent of a sea serpent rising from a crystalline coating of Siderite that covers the matrix
  • Opal displaying a superb play of blue, mauve and green colours, shot-through a typical ironstone matrix from Queensland, Australia
  • A fine example of 'Jack-straw' Cerussite displaying excellent intergrown crystals to 3.5cm in an overall mass of crystals to 7.5cm. From the Dundas mining area in Tasmania, Australia
  • A superb specimen of abundant, well-formed and lustrous prismatic Neptunite crystals to 1.5cm in white Natrolite covering the blue-grey Crossite matrix. From the California State Gem Mine (Benitoite Gem Mine), California
  • Gemmy parallel growth Smoky Quartz crystals with a crystalline ribbon of gemmy-translucent pink Rose Quartz; from the Araçuaí area of Brazil
  • An uncommon specimen of crystalline-botryoidal pink Rhodochrosite on contrasting red-brown Goethite, from the Broken Hill mining area in Australia
  • An excellent specimen of intergrown thick tabular crystals of orange Wulfenite from the classic area of the Los Lamentos Mountains, Mexico
  • A superb crystal of lustrous, dark red Spessartine Garnet with flashes of lighter red on a matrix of Feldspar with a fine prismatic crystal of Schorl Tourmaline. From the Skardu District of Pakistan
  • Excellent gemmy, colourless crystals of Quartz measuring to 6.5cm form the essence of this fine specimen, with Muscovite, Albite and Schorl Tourmaline, all of which are well crystallised and pleasingly accented against one another. A classic pegmatite specimen from Pakistan

With many more specimens to see in the new Update  HERE.

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Our Next Shows:

From January to February 2019 we will once again be bound for The Tucson Show, where we will be displaying minerals at 9 locations this year! With official dates running from 29th January through to 17th February, we will keep you all up to date through the events section of the website and through social media.

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