New Specimen Update 18 January 2019

17 January 2019

This weeks update features the wonders to be found within the famous Tsumeb Mine, Namibia: 

  • Beautiful, well-formed clusters and single crystals to 8mm of deep maroon-red Cuprite finely contrasted against a sparkling dome of Dolomite crystals of between 1 and 2mm
  • A very fine, gemmy cluster of colourless Cerussite dominated by a major crystal measuring to 5.2cm which displays wonderful form on both sides. These crystals sit on a druse of dark olive-green Duftite covering a matrix of creamy coloured Mimetite
  • A pretty crystallised specimen of pink Cobaltoan Smithsonite. Excellent raised faces of platy Smithsonite crystals to 1.4cm are richly intergrown over the specimens display face.
  • An aesthetic specimen of well-formed prismatic crystals of Smithsonite, many with steep pyramidal terminations. These crystals are gemmy to opaque; light beige in colour and measure to 3cm, on a Smithsonite and red-brown iron-oxide matrix
  • An unusual specimen from the Tsumeb mine, of sparkling Malachite covering intergrown wires of Native Copper and formed on a creamy-coloured twinned crystal of Cerussite
  • Well-developed, lustrous complex crystals of Cuprite measuring to 1cm have formed in cavities on a substantial specimen of crystalline Cuprite, with some red-brown Fe-oxides

With many more specimens to see in the new Update  HERE.

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Our Next Shows:

From January to February 2019 we will once again be bound for The Tucson Show, where we will be displaying minerals at 9 locations this year! With official dates running from 29th January through to 17th February, we will keep you all up to date through the events section of the website and through social media.

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