New Specimen Update 15 February 2019

13 February 2019

This week we are heading down one of the world's most famous mines - Tsumeb: 

  • A stunning lustrous creamy-white Dolomite epimorph after Calcite crystals, forming a crab shell-like cast and beautifully translucent when backlit. Micro-crystalline druses of apple-green Duftite are dusted over two of the faces. A really superb Tsumeb epimorph
  • A very rich and mineralogically complex supergene specimen of crystalline dark olive-green Olivenite with a yellow Gartrellite-like mineral and green Bayldonite forming pseudomorphs after Mimetite. Overgrowing the Olivenite are bladed Azurite crystals replaced by Malachite. A fabulous specimen
  • A spectacular and beautiful small cabinet specimen of glassy and gemmy deep blue Azurite crystals; silky emerald-green Malachite pseudomorphs after Azurite and drusy, tangy-apple-green Adamite. When backlit the Azurite appears a stunning electric blue. The specimen comes with two previous owners labels
  • Excellent curved rhombic crystals of deep, bubblegum-pink Cobaltoan Smithsonite cover both sides of this lovely specimen. The crystals vary between gemmy and translucent and measure up to 1.4cm. A great specimen for display, with a wonderful vivid colour
  • A choice small cabinet specimen of double-sided, lustrous rich blue to light blue Azurite crystals. This specimen displays a fine development of Azurite in the form of blocky, chisel-like crystals in parallel habit on a veinlet of mixed minerals coated by green Malachite
  • A classic specimen of rare pseudomorphs and epimorphs of Bayldonite after a fan-like array of Mimetite crystals. Tube-like developments of Bayldonite after Mimetite measure to over 2cm long. Azurite crystals replaced by Malachite and later crystal druses of blue Azurite also adorn this beautiful specimen
  • Very lustrous rich royal blue crystals of Azurite, with a sharp blocky habit, measure to 1.2cm. These are intergrown over a pinkish druse of Smithsonite with some areas of green Malachite, on a grey metallic sulphide breccia. A very fine Azurite crystal habit and with an old label
  • Bright, electric-blue intergrown bladed crystals of Linarite form clusters measuring up to 1.4cm across, in and on sparkling acicular Malachite crystals, with glassy white areas of Cerussite. An excellent specimen of Linarite from the First Oxidation Zone at Tsumeb

With many more specimens to see in the new Update  HERE.

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Our Next Shows:

This weekend we are wrapping up another year at The Tucson Show. The final show of the event, The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (TGMS), is open until Sunday 17th February - we hope to see you there!

Next we will be opening the doors of the Crystal Classics showroom for our annual Summer Open Day on Saturday 1st June. We will be displaying the very best of our existing stock alongside the latest finds from the mining operations in Weardale. New collection announcements will be made closer to the date.

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