Munich 'Mineralientage' Show report pt 1

1 November 2008

The Munich show definitely seemed to have a quieter start this year, there wasn’t the normal buzz of excitement at the beginning of the show with seeing what was new and the anticipation of a good show. There are very few new finds around at the show, and in fact the biggest talk of the show is the ‘economic crisis’ – a big worry for both buyer and seller regardless of the country they are from.


There were not as many people around during setup on Wednesday and Thursday, and everyone was preparing themselves for the worst. But opening day on Friday saw a crowd waiting to come in through the gates which I think was a relief for every dealer. Foot traffic does seem to be down, so it will be interesting to see how the weekend pans out.


We have our normal booth in the International Mineral Pavillion, sharing with Kristalle, and our display has really come together this year, the cabinets look really great. We have material from several new collections which we acquired in the last month from around Europe , plus heaps of new pieces from the USA.


Set up takes us nearly two days for this show, and it is cold work, as they don’t turn the heating on in the halls until the show opens, and it is not very warm outside in Munich at the moment!! (although much to my disappointment the snow never happened)


Empty Cabinets


Empty cabinets


Minerals into cabinets


Minerals into cabinets


Booth is set up


All set up and ready to go.


Here is a small snippet of what we have on display:




This is one of the best Aquamarines we have had, the colour is bright, and it has lovely etchings. The specimen is approx 20cm long and 6 cm wide, and is from Medina, Minas Gerais, Brazil.



Rhodochrosite from Sweet Home Mine



Rhodochrosite from Sweet Home Mine

What an absolute jewel of a Rhodochrosite, the crystal is about 3cm across and super gemmy.



Rhodochrosite from Sweet Home Mine

Rhodochrosites from Sweet Home Mine. 


This is the first time these pieces have been offered for sale, they have been in a private collection since they were mined.


Cobaltoan Calcite from Mupine Mine, DR Congo
Cobaltoan Calcite from Mupine Mine, DR Congo.


Aquamarine on Schorl, Erongo Namibia

Aquamarine on Schorl from Erongo, Namibia.



Golds on display

Golds on display



Australian Rocks

Some of our Australian rocks - 'Sugar coated' Cerussite from Broken Hill - very rare to see one of these this large that the delicate crystals have survived - and a Mimetite from Elura Mine, NSW.


Around the International Mineral Pavillion there was many high quality specimens on display.

Barras-Gautier Mineraux always have aesthetic minerals on display, like this cabinet of small cabinet pieces – lovely.


Minerals on display

Minerals on display


They also had this Calcite with Hematite specimen from Leiping Mine,  Hunan, China - there were a few of these around the show, very attractive with the translucent Calcite and the dark red Hematite.


Calcite with Hematite, Leiping Mine, China

Calcite with Hematite from Leiping Mine, Hunan, China


The Gobin brothers had one of the new finds of the show - new Wulfenites and Cerussites from Iran. The Wulfenites are very pretty, pale yellow and very thin bladed crystals, they are from Ahmad Abad Mine, Yazd Pce. The Cerussites show reticulated form, and are from Nakhlak Mine, Esfahan Pce. The Wulfenites have been mined and accumulated over the last three years, and this is the first time they have been shown.



New Wulfenites from Iran

New Wulfenites from Iran



New Wulfenites and Cerussites from Iran

New  Wulfenites and Cerussites (at rear) from Iran.

Frédéric Escaut showed me this lovely little Tourmaline of hot pink colour from Mandalay, Burma.

Tourmaline, Mandalay, Burma

Tourmaline from Mandalay, Burma


In the booth of Weerth Edelsteine and Mineralien was this cluster of Aquarmarine and Schorl from Shigar, Pakistan, a really funky piece.


Aquamarine with Schorl, Shigar, Pakistan




Aqua with Schorl, Shigar, Pakistan


Aquamarine with Schorl from Shigar, Pakistan




Andreas Weerth also had this huge Brookite specimen from Balochistan, Pakistan, over 10cm across.


Brookite, Pakistan


 Brookite from Balochistan, Pakistan


Marcus Grossman had several very unusual specimens. I really liked this Quartz pseudomorph after Anhydrite, on Amethyst from Rio Grande del Norte, Brazil.

Quartz pseudo after Anhydrite from Rio Grande del Norte, Brazil

Quartz pseudomorph after Anhydrite on Amethyst from Rio Grande del Norte, Brazil


This Calcite on Amethyst from Artigas, Uruguay was also pretty spectacular, about 20cm in height.

Calcite on Amethyst from Uruguay


Fine Minerals International had some fine minerals on display including this amazing:





Malachite stalactite, DR Congo

massive Malachite stalactite from DR Congo, measuring about 35cm high.



He also had this wonderful Azurite from Tsumeb:

Azurite from Tsumeb

It measured approx 10cm wide.


Outside of the Pavillion was one of the other new finds – Siderite and Calcite in an egg-like form from Nikolaevskiy Mine, Dal’negorsk, . This is the first time Siderite has been found in this form, previously it has only been found as balls growning on Galena, or other sulphides. The specimens were found in April this year (2008).


Siderite eggs from Dal'negorsk


Stephen Stolte and Armin Scholer were snapped in their booth:


Stephan and Armin

Rob Sielecki of Ausrox was at the Munich show for the first time in 4 years. He has many specimens from his collection on display as part of the Australian display (please see part 2 of my report).

Rob of Ausrox
Rob in his booth 

Bustamite from Broken Hill

He had this unusual Bustamite from Broken Hill on display exhibiting a tubular hairlike form. This is an unusual habit for Bustamite, although not unusual for Bustamite from this location.

And to finish - not everything here is about the specimens :


An Eagle, made of needle-like Quartz and Tourmalines, with Silver plating, seen in the booth of Rockart Gallery.

Part 2 of my report, which will mostly feature the displays at the show, will be posted mid week.

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