New Specimen Update 22 February 2019

20 February 2019

This week we have a dazzling selection of minerals from various worldwide localities: 

  • A superb top-quality specimen of Clinoclase with Liroconite and Cornwallite, with a fine traceable label pedigree. Very well developed dark blue intergrown crystals of Clinoclase are lightly scattered over by sky-blue wedge shaped crystals of Liroconite measuring to 2mm, with areas of green Cornwallite and white Quartz. A very fine Clinoclase specimen from Wheal Gorland, England
  • An excellent specimen of lustrous clove-brown Axinite-(Fe) crystals in groups of parallel growth, measuring to 6.5cm with areas of translucency. Slender colourless-white crystals of Quartz are in association on this fine specimen from Puiva Mount, Russia
  • Well-developed bladed-tabular Baryte crystals measuring to 2.7cm with classic chisel terminations and lightly included by a tint of blue Chrysocolla. On a Chrysocolla-Malachite matrix, from the Shagulowe mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • A rare and substantial broad-bladed crystal of Kunzite, the pink variety of Spodumene, from the Pala Chief mine in California, USA. A fine gem quality crystal measuring to a good 11cm, displaying typical natural etching and a pleasing characteristic trichroic pink. A great gem Kunzite from this famous pegmatite mine
  • An excellent display specimen of Chalcocite crystals measuring to 1cm are clustered over a rounded form of Chalcocite with an iridescent gunmetal colour. A classic specimen from the Flambeau mine at Ladysmith in Wisconsin, USA
  • A large specimen of purple, intergrown cubic Fluorite crystals measuring to 2.8cm on a cellular matrix of Calcite. A stunning Fluorite from the Lavrion mining district in Greece.

With many more specimens to see in the new Update  HERE.

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Our Next Shows:

Next up for us is a brand new show in America - The Texas Mineral & Fossil Show 2019. This show will be open from Friday 26th - Sunday 28th April at The Lone Star Convention and Expo Center in Conroe, Houston, Texas. We hope to see you there!

We will be opening the doors of the Crystal Classics showroom for our annual Summer Open Day on Saturday 1st June. Our very best existing stock will be on display alongside the latest finds from the mining operations in Weardale. New collection announcements will be made closer to the date.

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