New Specimen Update 15 March 2019

14 March 2019

This week we have a particularly colourful and beautiful array of specimens from worldwide localities: 

  • Bright yellow unusual tabular diamond-shaped Native Sulphur crystals measuring to 4cm, with a later coating of creamy crystalline Aragonite. An excellent and aesthetic specimen from the Agrigento Province in Sicily, Italy
  • Intergrown blades of cyan-blue Liroconite richly coat a granular matrix of iron-stained milky Quartz. A most attractive large thumbnail Liroconite from its type locality at Wheal Gorland in the parish of Gwennap, Cornwall, England
  • Well-developed bladed crystals of lustrous clove-brown Axinite-(Mn) measuring to 3.5cm are richly formed on prismatic to broadly tabular crystals of dark to light lustrous olive-green Epidote. A fine combination specimen from Canta in Peru
  • A rich small cabinet specimen of Szenicsite with vivid green platy crystal sections measuring to 5.3cm x 3.1cm in a light coloured matrix. From the type locality at Jardinera No. 1 Mine, Chile
  • Lustrous rhombohedral Rhodochrosite crystals to 1.2cm on edge contrast well against manganese-rich matrix, parts of which have developed a lustrous black botryoidal surface. From the Uchucchacua mine in the Lima Department of Peru. A highly aesthetic and showy Rhodochrosite of deep flesh-pink crystals with each face framed with a semi-translucent deep salmon-pink edge
  • A large display specimen of Pyromorphite from the Kabwe mine (Broken Hill mine) in Zambia. Densely intergrown crystals measuring to 6mm cover much of the gossan 'Limonitic' matrix. A date on a label states 1929

With many more specimens to see in the new Update HERE.

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Our Next Shows:

Next up for us is a brand new show in America - The Texas Mineral & Fossil Show 2019. This show will be open from Friday 26th - Sunday 28th April at The Lone Star Convention and Expo Center in Conroe, Houston, Texas. We hope to see you there!

We will be opening the doors of the Crystal Classics showroom for our annual Summer Open Day on Saturday 1st June. Our very best existing stock will be on display alongside the latest finds from the mining operations in Weardale. New collection announcements will be made closer to the date.

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