New Specimen Update 18 April 2019

16 April 2019

In just 8 days time we will be participating in a brand new show in Texas - The Texas Mineral & Fossil Show 2019. This show will be open from Friday 26th - Sunday 28th April at The Lone Star Convention and Expo Center in Conroe, Houston, Texas. Please come and find us in Booth 47/51 - our Team look forward to seeing you there!

We will be opening the doors of the Crystal Classics showroom for our annual Summer Open Day on Saturday 1st June. Our very best existing stock will be on display alongside the latest finds from the mining operations in Weardale. New collection announcements will be made closer to the date.

For this weeks update we have a great selection of classic minerals from German localities: 

  • A beautiful array of lustrous dark purple Fluorite crystals measuring to 1cm on creamy coloured crystals of Dolomite, from the Frisch Gl├╝ck mine, Saxony, Germany
  • Classic specimen of Topaz from the Schneckenstein Cliff area in Germany. Well-formed light and dark lemon to golden yellow wine coloured crystals of Topaz measure to 1.2cm on a typical Quartz-Topaz greisen rock matrix
  • Purple gemmy-translucent crystals of Fluorapatite measuring to 1.2cm on a Feldspar matrix with Quartz. A classic specimen from the Sauberg mine, Germany
  • An intriguing specimen of Goethite from Saxony, Germany, having a compact columnar form, with opposite faces displaying a fine radial habit to the column ends. The specimen comes with an old handwritten label
  • Baryte crystals measuring to 1cm with a light brown colour are preferentially coated by a thin druse of micro-Pyrite crystals. The Baryte crystals are platy with a diamond-like to triangular ratio. On the reverse of the specimen are deeply grooved plates of Quartz crystals partly filled with Pyrite. From the Zobes-Bergen District of Germany
  • Abundant intergrown black octahedral crystals of Hausmannite measuring to over 5mm cover the display face of this specimen on 'Psilomelane', with white Baryte. From the Gottlob Hill location in Thuringia, Germany

With many more specimens to see in the new Update HERE.

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