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12 September 2006

Crystal Classics has been on a major acquisitions trip over the last few months, acquiring many new collections from both Europe and the USA.

Together with Collector's Edge (Colorado) and Kristalle (California) we have acquired the superb collection of Norman and Roslyn Pellman (Arizona, USA) featuring over 450 specimens of high quality pieces. The specimens from this collection will be having their first showing at the Denver Show, and some specimens will be up on the MinVision website at the end of September.

Crystal Classics in partnership with Kristalle have also recently acquired:
-    the Wendula Lassere collection (Geneva), the collection having been assembled over many years.
-    the Brian Lloyd collection (England) and the Bernard Charlier collection (Switzerland) containing many great European classics.
-    fine specimens in the collection of Gerard Lesage (Chamonix)
-    Marianne Shale’s collection (California) of very aesthetic miniatures assembled over more than 30 years.
-    The Kirby Siber (Aathal) collection containing a broad range of minerals.

We will be showing many new specimens from these collections at the Denver show - in room 109 at the Holiday Inn, and at our booth in the main show.
We have so many new specimens that most of our stock on display is all entirely new!

Author: Robin Rennie

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