Impressions from the Crystal Days in Lwowek Slaski, Poland.

15 July 2014

Ian Bruce and I were delighted to be invited to the wedding of Tomasz and Asia, and even more so that we could fit it into our busy schedule.

In addition to the wedding we were also able to enjoy one day at the mega event in Lwowek Slaski, Poland "The Crystal Days". Crystal days is an event for mineral collectors and dealers that is held throughout the town and streets. For many, the drinking marathon of beer, vodka and other alcoholic beverages that accompanies the event might suggest it more aptly be renamed "The Crystal Daze"....

Lwowek Slaski
Lwowek Slaski has some beautiful historic buildings that survived the last war.

Ian and I arrived on Wednesday evening in the town of Lwowek Slaski.
The history of this town in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship of Poland dates back to the early 13th century. This town has some amazing architecture and there are still some of the old medieval buildings surviving. But unfortunately more than 40% of the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque buildings in the town center were destroyed during the second world war.

tower of the town house
The tower of the town hall n Lwowek Slaski where the wedding ceremony was held.

On Thursday, despite this being the wedding day for Tomasz and Asia, there was still plenty to do for all the team of Spirifer minerals that were involved in putting together the Crystal Days. Tomasz and Spirifer Minerals have been organising the Crystal days for the last 15 years and what they put on is a class of it's own. The 3 day event, Friday to Sunday,  draws around 60,000 visitors to the town of Lwowek Slaski which normally has around 10,000 inhabitants.
In the town hall Tomasz puts on a special exhibit every year. This years theme - Minerals from Poland.

Finishing touches to the display of the special exhibit from Tomasz.

The displayed minerals from Poland were really impressive, from Galena to Halite and Agates in a vast array of beautiful colours, Sphalerite specimens, Calcites and Quartz. A superb colourful and educational display. here are some of the displays:

Ian studied the displays carefully and was surprised and pleased to see such good quality minerals.

All the way from San Francisco came Joan Kureczka.

A quick hop over from Luxembourg for Peter Lyckberg, here pictured with Ian.

Finally at 5pm the long awaited wedding ceremony took place in one of the rooms of the medieval town hall,with an international guest list.

Bride and groom and their witnesses.

Diana Schlegel, Ian Bruce, Tomasz and Asia
Diana, Ian and the happy couple.

Also guests at the wedding, Di and Ian Jones (left and right) and Jesse Fisher and Joan Kureczka (middle).

A toast to the happy couple with Tobias Weise, Ronna Jewett, John Veevaert, Malcolm and Angela Southwood and Ian Bruce.

In the evening all guests were picked up from their hotels and driven to a near by quarry. There a big tent and camp fire was set up and a huge bar for traditional polish food and drinks.

Traditional Polish food, including: Sausages, cabbage, a stewed pork, a pan of mushrooms and lots more...

Was this a taste of married life already?...

.... no just some fun and games for the newly-wed.

David.... who came from Canada brought his guitar and together with local musicians he provided all guests with some great music.

Ian Bruce
Asia2, Ian and John Veevaert enjoying the Polish beer and vodka...

... so did Jolyon Ralph...

... and Malcolm Southwood.

Also at the wedding Jeff Scovil, Mineral photographer with Tobias Weise from "Lapis" magazine.

After a few drinks everybody was up and dancing away in the night....

As one might imagine the start to the following day was a slow one... it was already afternoon! Despite the mild hangover, we had to make the most of our short trip over to Poland and so we went for a reviving lunch and a walk through the town.

This time only soft drinks for lunch right!?

The streets were lined with stands selling minerals and jewellery, stalls with gifts and delicious looking food creating a great atmosphere.

All the streets are lined with stalls. mineral stand after another...

Delicious looking bread all over the city.

The opening ceremony of "Crystal Days".

This is a great event and Ian and I are amazed at the size. It is an event for the whole family. There are fun rides for children, eats and drinks for every taste and in the evenings there are concerts on two different stages. We will try to make it to Lwowek Slaski again next year for the next Crystal days. For now we are saying goodbye. Our next show will be the Denver Fine Mineral show in September, in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Author: Diana Schlegel
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