Munich Show Report 2019 - Base Camp Preparations

17 October 2019


Again we are getting ready for the Munich Show. We are going to release several different show reports during this years event so make sure to check it regularly. 

For those who have never been to the Munich Show, it is the biggest mineral show in Europe and a great chance to see a lot of the new minerals from all the collections we have gathered over the past year.

For the second time in a row we will have a booth for Crystal Classics and UK Mining Ventures. 

In this report we are going to give you an insight into how we prepare everything for the show and the team that helps to get this train on the rails.

Before we start setting up everything is quiet and peaceful.

But we were just waiting for the minerals to come back from Denver to start the Munich prep.

It really starts once Diana picks specimens for the cases and starts planning the displays.

Phil is put to work to pick the specimens to go into the drawers.


Ali makes sure that everything stays organised.

All specimens are carefully packed, labelled and put into a flight case.

Whilst Shayne makes sure that the technology keeps working while we have to scan everything.

Holly makes sure that everything we do also looks good.

Wolfie inspects everything as it is guided out securely and makes sure his treat cupboard door is always clear to be opened!

Sam and Tom make sure the drawers are ready for transportation.

Iain and Dan pick the last Fluorites from Diana Maria Mine and Rogerley Mine.

They make sure they have a nice selection of all the new pockets and varieties.

And they have a lot to choose from.

Jorjia is making sure everything is photographed ready for our Facebook and Instagram.

Chris is laying the final hand on some new exciting Fluorites from the mine.

If you want to see what he is working on, make sure to check out our story on Instagram!

Just as spirits got a bit low Phil Brammer came in with his puppy to lift them again.

He also brought a surprise for Munich.

Phil's handmade new miniature stands are a new addition to this year's display - we can now finally properly display our vast collection of small mounted specimens.

They will have their first public display in Munich! 

And there is the Lorry and an excited Iain!

The first crate is in!

many more to go...

And yes, we do treat everything carefully!

That is the lorry loaded and Debbie came over to have a final inspection and to officially lock up the back,

while Tom is protecting her from the rain.

Sophie finally has some space to clean with the majority of our stuff in the lorry.

And Olga has been busy taking photos for this very show report in between all the minerals she is photographing.

And that is it the lorry has left for Munich.

See you guys there at our booths with number A6.P19 for Crystal Classics or A6.665 for UK Mining Ventures.

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