Munich Show Report 2019 - Set Up

23 October 2019

We have arrived safely in Munich, but there is still a lot of work to be done before opening day on Friday!

This is what greets us upon arrival at the show, the bare bones of the booth with flightcases ready to be unloaded.

Work begins by taking the cabinets out of their flightcases before being put into their correct positions in the booth.

With such a large booth to fill with delectable minerals, we in turn need the helping hands (and muscles!) of the Crystal Classics staff and friends of the company.

Diana and Peter are carefully putting the glass shelves into the cabinets.

Things begin to take shape quite quickly with such an experienced and efficient team!

Before we can even think of putting any minerals into the cabinets, firstly they need to be cleaned after their journey - Katrin is doing an excellent job!

The drawer tops also get a polishing treatment by Sfranzl, Tom and Jorjia, work those elbows!

Hiding? No! Debbie is putting the finishing touches on the fish tank before it can be filled with beautiful minerals.

In the midst of show prep, friends are always welcome. Pictured here; Jim Spann, Herb & Moni Obada, Des Sacco and our very own Diana Bruce.

Finally we can begin setting the cabinets ready for minerals, Pavel and Martin get things started.

Olga is attending for the first time in a few years, it looks like she is enjoying being back!

Peter and Sfranzl check over some of the finer details.

Debbie and Sam are setting up an exciting new feature of our booth - miniature stands.
Perfectly created back here in East Coker, they really make the minerals look at their best.

There will be catalogues for customers to see the details of the specimens in what we hope will be a great new addition for miniature collectors.

Ian and Des are admiring the quality of our new miniature stands.

After all that hard work the team are deserving of some hearty German sustenance!

Tom, Dan and Katrin enjoy some beers at the end of a long but successful day.

And what show could possibly be run without a good supply of cake?!

A completed miniatures stand with just a few of our new find specimens available at the show - more details to follow!

In our next show report we will give you a sneak preview of the minerals we have with us this year, from new finds and collection acquisitions to the very best of our existing stock - it's guaranteed to be a knockout. Don't miss it!

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