Munich Show Report 2019 - Our Minerals

24 October 2019

We are all set up and ready to rock, quite literally(!), in Booth A6.p19.

The booth is looking absolutely stunning, full of our highest quality minerals for all to see.

Our new miniature stands really are something to behold, full to the brim of the most exquisite minerals.

And the other cabinets are looking pretty good too, wow!

Ian and Diana are excited for the start of one of the best, if not the best, mineral show in Europe!

We can't wait any longer, so let's show you what we've brought with us this year...

Starting with a stunning Rose Quartz with Quartz from Laranjeira, Brazil.
A Fluorite and Pyrite with Quartz from Kara-Oba, Kazakhstan.

A vivid Quartz var. Eisenkiesel from Temirtaushik, Kazakhstan.
A Japan Law Quartz Twin on bright green Epidote from Green Monster Mountain, USA.

A recent find of Fluorite from Papa's Pocket, Diana Maria Mine, England.
A Fluorite on Muscovite epimorph after Orthoclase from Davib Ost Farm 61, Namibia.

A complex Fluorite from Davib Ost Farm 61, Namibia.
An impressive big, deep green Uvarovite from Outokumpu, Finland.

A delicate Calcite on Stilbite and Fluorapophyllite from the Jalgaon District, India.
A classic juicy and most typical Calcite scalenohedron from Elmwood Mine, USA.

A Calcite from Rabenstein, Germany, which looks quite a lot like the Calcite from Egremont, UK.
A delicious cluster of Elbaite Tourmaline from Arqueana Mine, Brazil.

An unusual Beryl var. Aquamarine from Medina, Brazil.
The classically beautiful Dioptase on Quartz from a new find near Mindouli, DR of Congo.

An unusual combination of Pyromorphite on Malachite from where else but Rum Jungle, Australia.
A new find of Wulfenite with Mimetite from La Morita Mine, Mexico.

A pale blue Shattuckite with Quartz from Kandesei, Namibia.
Contrasting Zincolivenite with Ferrilotharmeyerite from Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.

A beautiful stalactite-like Mottramite with Calcite from Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.
A large tabular Wulfenite from Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. The main crystal measures over 1cm.

Two American blue rare beauties, firstly a wonderfully rich Caledonite from Reward Mine, USA.
Next some very fine individual crystals of Veszelyite from Black Pine Mine, USA.

A UK Mining Ventures new find Fluorite from Why Aye Pocket, Diana Maria Mine, England with colours ranging from olivegreen to yellow.
Also a wonderful new find of classic lustrous cog-wheel Bournonite with Freibergite from Viboras Mine, Bolivia.

A delicate single crystal of pink Värynenite from Shengus, Pakistan.
A stacked Mellite from Csordakúti Mine, Hungary.

A knee twin Rutile var. Sagenite from Rotbachlspitze, Austria.

Two lovely sprays of Vivianite from Kerch Peninsula, Ukraine.

An interesting Fluorite with Fluorapatite and Cassiterite on Quartz from Greifenstein, Germany.
A Quartz var. Prasem with Andradite from Sinerechenskoe Skarn Occurrence, Russia.

 A wonderful double-terminated bicolour Calcite from Sokolovskoe Iron Mine, Kazakhstan.
A rare spherical Fluorite from Horní Slavkov, Czech Republic.

An unusual Calcite from Cínovec/Zinnwald, Czech Republic/Germany.
A  very rich Scheelite on Quartz also from Cínovec/Zinnwald, Czech Republic/Germany.

An impressive Native Silver ps. after Dyscrasite on Native Arsenic from Uranium Mine No. 21, Czech Republic.
A magnificent example of bright red Proustite from Alberoda, Germany.

Siderite on Calcite from Schlema-Hartenstein District, Germany.
A large crystal of honey coloured Baryte from Pöhla-Tellerhäuser Mine, Germany.

An Ex-Archduke Stephan collection Calcite from St. Andreasberg, Germany.
A really rich burnt orange and green Mimetite var. Campylite from Dry Gill Mine, Caldbeck Fells, England.

Lastly, a superb example of a Siderite epimorph after Baryte (so called Ladies Slipper)  from Virtuous Lady Mine, England, a true English classic.

UK Mining Ventures have also returned to Munich at Booth A6.655, bringing new finds and all shapes and sizes of Fluorite from the mining operations in Weardale.

All set up and ready to go with a smile from Dan, Debbie, Iain and Franz.

You can find some really nice examples of Fluorite from Weardale here, and also a little Crystal Classics wholesale material this year.

But if larger specimens aren't for you, we have also got single crystals/clusters and our famous tubbies on offer.

It's all fun and games until someone has to do the paperwork, right Iain?!

Of course, once the doors are open we get all sorts of visitors...

Ian with friend Wolfgang Wendel and a moment of 'Cheers!' with Alan Hart, Raquel Alonso-Perez and Jean-Claude Bouillard.

Once again, we are lucky enough to be serenaded by Jessie Fisher and Joan Kureczka.

Jolyon Ralph of Mindat is also here, taking a peek at our specimens with Tom.

Back to Crystal Classics now, where this year we thought we would introduce our staff members and helpers at the show with their own choice of specimen. These are a few of our favourite things!

First up is Martin with a lovely Cassiterite on Quartz from Krásno, Horní Slavkov, Czech Republic.

Next is Diana with a proper Munich show piece of Bismuth, Skutterudite, Safflorite, Pyrite and Erythrite from Niederschlema, Germany.

Next is Tom with a great specimen of Gerhardtite from Likasi Mine, DR of Congo.

Veronica here with a wonderfully strange form of Quartz var. Chalcedony from Jalgaon District, India.

Peter is up next with a large specimen of Calcite from Medenec, Czech Republic.

Jorjia with a pretty combination piece of Quartz var. Amethyst with Rhodochrosite from Boldut Mine, Romania.

It has always been Debbie's favourite, check the matching nail varnish! A large Rhodochrosite from N'Chwaning Mines, South Africa.

Sam is next with this huge crystal of Azurite from Milpillas Mine, Mexico.

Olga with a classic radiating Rutile and Hematite on Quartz from Novo Horizonte, Brazil.

Katrin with a bold Azurite on Malachite from Touissit, Morocco.

Pavel with his choice of Acanthite from Jáchymov, Czech Republic.

Iain's would have to be a large Fluorite from Diana Maria Mine, Weardale, England.

Last but by no means least is Dan with not one, but two English favourites!
Mendipite with Paralaurionite, Hydrocerussite and Diaboleite from Torr Works Quarry, Somerset, England.
Tourmaline var. Schorl from Woolley Farm, Devon, England.

Caught your breath yet? That is all we have for today, we will be back next week with photos covering the opening and duration of the show. Please contact us at for any enquiries regarding specimens within this show report.

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